Wednesday of Jonah's Fasting

Tuba 23, 1734 -31 January 2018, Wednesday of Jonah's Fasting (Declared for Children)

 Grant me oh Lord the spirit of a child as a son newly born unto You.
And fill me from Your glory, Your splendor, and Your image to cry out to Your Spirit, oh Father!
Have mercy on me and carry my worries and grant me Your meekness, and Your humbleness,
And I sit in the heavens with the Seraphim joining in their praise.
Satisfy me with Your goodness lest I weaken along the way and fill me from Your grace,
And overshadow me with the cloud of Your glory and by the light and the fire of Your grace that I may not go astray.
And fill me from Your love so nothing will separate me from You as I die for You every day.
And bring me into Your wedding dressed in the wedding gown to be
fulfilled by You,
 My Lord Jesus Christ.... Revive me each day how to live as a child born now nursing on the honey of Your grace, the milk of mind free of corruption.