Babah 29,

Babah 29, 1734 - نوفمبر 8, 2017, Wednesday (God’s dwelling in us)

Come today my Lord and purify me, your house, from all impurity and dwell in it with Your Holy Spirit.

Hear my sighs and my troubles and save us from the bonds and slavery and impurity.

Fill my cup with Your love and dye it with Your humility and overfill it by Your generous grace.

Let me rejoice with purification, the forgiveness and the dwelling of Your kingdom in me and Your throne and the fire of Your godly love.

Wipe my tears and vanish death’s authority and raise me, elevate me to the heavenly.

Grant me wakefulness and alertness in the waiting for Your glorious coming.

My Lord Jesus Christ... Grant me a humble heart that is deserving of Your presence in it and destroy desired of the flesh and all materialistic interests and all humanistic memories oh Lover of mankind.