Abib 5

Abib 5, 1732 - July 12, 2016, Tuesday the glory of God over whelms the house

  • I plead wholeheartedly to you... So fill me with glory.
  • Fill me with your power; for I’m the weak, I’m pitiful sinner.
  • Fill me with your light and glory to rejoice in your presence.
  • Following you wherever you go, leading me to mount Zion.
  • Overwhelm me with your love and reveal to me what no eye can see.
  • Strike in me the flames of your love, grant me your humbleness and get be steady.
  • Grant me a watchful eye and guard my steps to lead me into your house.
  • Keep my heart pure for your sake of thou lover of mankind.-
  • My lord Jesus get my heart ready to welcome you, fill me with your glory, disperse any darkness within me with the aroma of your love & grace oh thou love r of mankind.