Misra 7

Misra 7, 1731 - August 13, 2015, Thursday (The stability in The Lord)
Fasten me within you as living branch
You are the true vine.
A raise Lord to your comfort place and make to you within me a rest and lantern.
Keep my heart from the thieves and the robbers and show your glory. I pour my fragrance I put my tow coins and live in faith
Until you come and dwell within me.
Fight my enemies so I sacrifice for you the sacrifice of the praise.
Save me from the death.
Grant me tolerance to the hardship in patience and faith hopping in your coming. Fill me with happiness, love and peace.
Crush the devil under my feet and don't let me away from you for a moment
Keep me in your love in your gladness and in your grace's secret.
My Lord Jesus Christ
You are the gladness, the love, the peace, the light and the blessing
Dwell in me now and rebuke the evil and the darkness
Oh the lover of mankind.