The Departure of St . Timothy, 22nd Pope of Alexandria

The Departure of St . Timothy, 22nd Pope of Alexandria .

On this day also, of the year 101 A .M . (July 20th, 385 A .D .), St . Timothy, 22nd Pope of Alexandria,departed . This saint was enthroned in the seventeenth of Baramhat, 95 A .M . (March 14th, 379 A .D .) .He shepherded the flock of Christ with the best of care, and guarded them from the Arian wolves . Inthe sixth year of his papacy, Emperor Theodosius the Great reigned, who ordered the assembly of theEcumenical Council at Constantinople to judge Macedonius the enemy of the Holy Spirit . This Popepresided over this council, and he disputed with Macedonius, Sabilius, and Apolinarius and refutedtheir erroneous council as it is mentioned in the

First Day of Amshir (Vol II, P . 247) .This saint took great care concerning the buildings of the churches in Alexandria and elsewhere . Hewas knowledgeable and eloquent, and he left many sayings refuting the heresy of the Arians . Heremained on the Chair for six years, four months and six days, then departed in peace .May his prayers be with us and Glory be to God forever . Amen .