For Advanced

For Advanced 

1 - The center of Christ in your life:

A. Does Christ rule over your ego?

B. Do you follow the steps of Christ in your daily life?

C. Have you dedicated to him your money? Your time? Your future, and your relationships? What about your hobbies? And your interests? And your job? And your family? And readings?

2 - Your relationship with God during a retreat:

a. Does your company with the Lord have a priority in your life?

b. Do you practice your daily retreat schedule regularly?

c. Does the retreat have an impact on your daily life and your overall behavior? Or do you forget everything after it is over?
d. Do you rehearse the verses from the Word of God every week?

e. Has the Word of God became the Constitution of your life in all your actions?

3. Inner life:

A. self-denial and humility:

1. Do you have an inner feeling of self-admiration for yourself, in other words, do you boast your intelligence, or your beauty, or talents, or wealth, etc?

2. Do you have a high ego, are you pompous?  Do you submit to authority, or do you lack obedience?  Are you harsh with in your dealings with others?

3. Do you have an internal tendency to draw the attention of others to you? And boast your abilities? And your excellence in speech?
4. Are you comfortable and elated when people praise you?  Do you have a tendency to become angry?

If you are not praised- Do you hate those who despise you? Or offend you?

5. Do you cling to your opinion as the right thing and do not always accept the sound advice of others? Do you review your opinions?
6. Are you flexible or difficult to understand and deal with?

7. Do you indulge your ego, and do not accept to hurt it?

8. Are you irascible? nervous? Impatient? Do you lose your temper and can’t Control yourself?

B. Purity:

1 –Does your heart tend to have physically unclean and impure emotions and desires?

2 - Are you a slave to these emotions or do you reject them and try to overcome them?

3 – Do these impure trends tend to become thoughts that occupy your mind?

4 - Do you enjoy these thoughts and increase them? Or do you reject them and run away from them?

5 - If you get these thoughts do you internally enjoy them, or do they bother you and you try to get rid of them?

6 - Do you undergo unclean wishful thinking?

7 – Do evil thoughts turn into a pressing lust that actually tempts you to sin?

8 - Do you leave your eyes to linger on the face of the opposite sex?

9 - Do you allow your eyes to look at inappropriate things?

10 - Do you desire impure scenes? If you see a tempting scene, do you enjoy looking at it?

11 - Do you like sex movies or sexual images and sex magazines? Will you keep any of these?

12 - Do you like to spend time with pictures of unholy memories? Do you still retain those pictures?

13 - Do you like to listen to sexual news, stories, adventures, jokes, comics, conversations and songs?

14 - Do you participate in impure conversations? Do you liketo joke in an unsacred manner?

15 – If under any condition you are requested to sit with the opposite gender, does the Holy Spirit dominate this meeting, or do you consider this as an opportunity for the flesh?

17 - Does your relationship with the opposite gender inspire the other person to holiness and a life of purity or does it raise lust in them?

18 - Have you actually fallen into the sins of sexual touch, or such actions?

C. Honesty:

1. Are you honest in your words or do you lie? Or exaggerate? Or do you exclude some facts in order to change or hide the truth? Do you make up stories that did not happen?

2. Are you straight forward in your conversations or do you twist and turn around.

3. Are you explicit in your words?

4. Are you a hypocrite? Do you praise a person without being convinced of what you are saying?

5. Do you consider lying to overcome a predicament?

6. Do you claim illness to take time off from work as sick leave?

7. Do you evade from paying taxes or customs or transportation fares?

8. Would you steal what belongs to others, as money or other items?

9. Would you borrow something and not return back?

10. Do you steal the tithes of the Lord?

11. Are you faithful in using the belongings of others, such as a car, house, electricity and water consumption?

12. Do you get money through any illegal methods, through fraud, hypocrisy, greed or corrupt profit, or through an illegal trade, or a commission that is not your right?

13. Do you covet the money of others?

14. Are you stingy or are you a lavish?

15. Do you behave like an owner to your wealth or as if you are an agent and you have devoted it to God?

16. Do you over spend on clothing, decorations and luxuries?

17. Do you exercise your business in terms of global ambition or motivated by the glory of God?

18 – Do you give from your tithes to your relatives who as per the law are in need for your care? Are you driven by frugalness?

19 - Do you contribute in projects and quality buildings without the intention for your name to be published?

20 - Are you faithful in the time that you consecrate for Christ?

21 - Do you give sufficient time for your company with the Lord? Through retreats, prayers and meditations.

22 – Do you waste your time in things that do not glorify the Lord? Such as movies and worldly conversations and readings that do not spiritually endorse you?

23. Do you spend your time without a goal and just hang around? Spending long visits to kill time?

24 - Do give your family enough time to take care of them, and show them your love and participation and worship with them?

25 - Do you give time for your service?

26 - Do you go to church and attend spiritual meetings or do you waste your time in trivial things?

27 - Are you faithful during your working hours? Or do you try to escape from work during the working hours?

28. Are you honest and fair in your judgments?

29. Do you treat people equally? And do you view them as seen by God?

30. Do you hide your mistakes?

31. Are you deceitful?

32. Are you honest in performing your assigned duties?

33. Are you on time for scheduled appointments?

34.  Were your sins revealed to you?

35. Did you learn about the sins obstructing your view to see His face?

D. Faith

1. Do you trust that God guarantees your life and your future? Or do you suffer from anxiety, worry and disturbances?

2. Do you accept with thanks all things from the hand of the Lord or do you grieve for a physical loss or illness or loss of a relative? Or do you curse the circumstances that you are in?

3 - Do you trust that God responds to your requests either by approving, modifying or rejecting? Or do you suspect that God hears, knows and acts according to what He sees fit?

4 - Do you trust that God has a plan for your life carried out wisely day after day? Do you trust in God’s plan? Or do you rebel against it?

5 - Do you follow God through faith and absolute trust in His wisdom or do you want to see, touch, and feel to believe? Do you rely on your relation with God in faith or in sense and feelings?

6 - Do you put all your troubles before the Lord, believing that He will solve them? Or do you rely on your wisdom, your ability and your potential?

1. Do you show your love to your family members, and do you care for each individual in it as you care for yourself?

2. Do you show your love for the church members and servants and show your obligations towards them?

3 - Do you show your love for the members of your group and members of your community and are you in a cordial relationship with them?

4 - Do you participate with them in honesty?

5 - Do you go easily with others and try to understand them or do you get upset quickly and ascend your level of discussions to reach disputes?

6 – Are you tender to those who are weaker then you?

7 - Do you envy others for their success or for having things you don’t have, or for being in higher positions then you?

8 – Would you reduce from the significance of others and would you harass and grief them?

9 - Do you feel pride over others and don’t respect them?

10 – Do you disrespect to the work of others and do you criticize and condemn them?

11 – Would you talk about the imperfections of others and try to highlight them?

12 - Do you cruelly speak to others, with no appreciation to their feelings, circumstances and situations?

13 - Do you tend to be quarrelsome?

14 - Do you ask for comfort for yourself and do not ask for what comforts and relaxes others?

15 - Do you question the intentions of others and don’t trust their actions? Making this the base for your dealings with them and accuse them of certain things?

16 - Do you feel happy if a calamity affects those whom you are at odds with?

17 - Do you tolerate the insults and harassments from others? And do you forgive them?

18 - Do you apologize for any mistakes you make, even if they are minimal?

19 – Do you hope for others what you hope for yourself?

20 - Do you treat others as you would like to be treated?

21 – Are you patient with insults and curses?

22 – Do you accept any insults in love?

23 - Is your love to others from a pure heart? Is it a strong love?

24 – Do you try to reduce disputes by searching for common points or do you work on expanding this dispute?

25 - Do you offer love services to others? Do you have a helpful heart?