Father Mateous El Fakhouri Church

The Church of Father Mateous El-Fakhouri

First, the idea and the aim of building the Church: -

The idea of building this Church came about because we decided to expand the area that is exterior to the monastery.  The reason for this expansion was due to the great number of people and employees that the monastery housed.  The space was becoming tight due to the large volume of people, especially those who attended the Sunday Liturgies at the Church of St. Anthony.

Secondly, naming the Church and date of its construction: -

Because Bishop Metaous (the Abbott of the prosperous El Sourian’s prosperous monastery), loved Father Metaous El Fakhouri (who is from the saints of Esna/Luxor), and who happened to be his namesake, the church was named after Father Metaous El Fakhouri. The church construction began in 1998, and it was completed in 2001.

Thirdly: The description of the Church:-

The Church was built in the Shape of the cross. It has three altars; the main altar, which is named after Father Metaous El Fakhouri; the northern, which is named after Father Shenouda "the Archimandrite" and Father Pakhomius "the Father of association"; finally, the southern altar is named after St. Doulage and her sons.  The relics of Fr. Metaous El Fakhouri and St. Doulage and her sons are also present at this church.