Monk Egimanos Armia Elsoriany

Monk Egimanos Armia Elsoriany

Christian name: Omer Ghaly Goubreal

Date of Birth: 20 -10-1960

Place of Birth: Koweisna

Job before monastic life: Merchant

Military Status: Fulfilled military service

Father of confession before monastic life: His grace Bishop Isac

Place of spiritual service: Sunday school – primary classes – Koweisna

Did he join any other Monastery previously? : St. Poul Monastery

Is he the offspring of a second marriage? : NO

Did he ever marry or was engaged to a lady? NO

Date of joining the monastery: 1 -2 -1984

Date of his acceptance as an apprenticed monk: 5-2-1984

Date of being ordained a monk: 30 -7- 1987

Date of being presvetarous (priesthood): 4-8-1990

Date of being Egomenous: 13-7-2000

Father of confession inside of the monastery:

1-  Egomenous Metta’ous Elsouriany

2-  Egomenous Michael Elsouriany

His jops inside the monastery

-         Preparing the food for the laborers

-         The bakery

-         Driver of trucks

-         Supervising the service of planting

-         Supervising the workers accommodations

His service outside of the monastery:

Spiritual service among some villages in Elmonefia Governorate.

At the down of Good (holy) Friday 6-4-2018 Monk Egimanos Armia Elsoriany departed our diminishing world at the age of 57 years having spent 31 years as a virtuous monk characterized by a loving, simple character, having passed through various hardships in great patience thankfulness and tolerance.

At nearly 4:30 p.m. on Good Friday the 12th hour prayer of pass – over was given to his pure soul.

Some of the monks from Elbaramos Monastery attended the prayers and participated in it.

May his soul rest in peace and our sine ere condolences to his spiritual children and loving ones as well as to the Monastery monk’s council.

May his prayers before God intercede for us that He who supported him all through may support us through to reach - up to our heavenly lot among angels & all Saint. Amen.