Babah 17

Babah 17, 1734 - اكتوبر 27, 2017, Friday (Denies himself and follow me)

What sweet exhilarating your way, pleasing to where I walk, behind You leaving my will.

Teh me how to go a step every day a new step and by Your grace walk behind You.
Heal my eyes son that I may see You and follow You and hear Your tender voice.
And enter to Your throne of grace with all strength, love and joy.
And I see Your salvation from the prison, the shackles and temptations looking to the heavenly place.
And I receive wisdom from You and die from the world ways.
And I demolish all my false understandings and beliefs and capture every thought to Your obedience.
And I stand firm in Your love and Your joy. And the treasures of Your grace fill my heart.
And Your light removes me every day from darkness to light  
My lord Jesus Chris Lead me and protect me with the shadow of Your wings from the evil's arrows and its advise and it's dirty confusing thoughts Oh the lover of mankind.