The monk Eghomanos Bemwa Al Souriani

The monk Eghomanos Bemwa Al Souriani

His christened: Adel Latif Bastawros

Date of birth: 24.11.1960

Place of birth: Shoubra – Egypt

Family address: 14 Hamdy Str. – El Terraa El Bolakia – Shoubra – Egypt

Education: technology institute – Helwan.

Job before monastic life: mineral engineer

Confession father before monastic life: Eghomanos Samuel Yonan

His service before monastic life: he served in Sunday-school classes

Date of his arrival at the monastery: 06.01.1992

Date of acceptance as a monk under examination: 06.01.1992

Date of ordination monk: 10.04.1992

Date of becoming Eghomanos: 30.11.2009

Confession father in the monastery: Eghomanos Mettaos Al Souriani, Eghomanos Michael Al Souriani, Eghomanos Salib Al Souriani.

His service in the monastery: cultivation, caring for the workers, supervising the constructions.

At ten o’clock on Wednesday morning 21.06.2017 monk Eghomanos Bemwa Al Souriani passed away peacefully at the age of 57. He spent 25 years as a virtuous monk leading a simple honourable life on ood terms with all monks of the monaster. The funeral prayers in tribute to his pure soul took place at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, inside the monastery – May his soul repose in paradise peacefully. May god who supported him in his spiritual struggle help us to have our share and lot among angels and saints. Amen