Baunah 26

Baunah 26, 1733 - يوليو 3, 2017, Monday (The Lord shine on us)
Oh my Lord come today and shine on me with the light of Your face and vanish my darkness,
You are my strength, my praise, and You forsake my enemies and You save me from them...
You shine in my heart and rebuke every darkness in it.
You cleanse me from the impurities and sanctified your temple, You heal my broken heart and You open the eye of the blind,
You raise me from the death of the sins to live by You and You fulfill me.
You open the heaven for me to see Your glory and I will be raised to You.
You establish me and You keep me and fulfill me with Your love and Your patience,
You fill me humbleness, kindness, and long suffering and love.
My lord Jesus Christ.....
Rebuke the authority of the darkness and all their thoughts and their works,
O  Lover of mankind.