Bashans 28

Bashans 28, 1733 - يونيو 5, 2017, Monday (I'm a sojourner in this world)

I am a stranger on the earth so help me my lord and my God

So don't hide your commitment from me yet open the heart of my eyes to see your way.

Grab me from the earthly mud and elevate my mind to the heavenly.

Let me hear your voice that gives life and let me in with your ships so I live not to die

Grant me a clean and humble heart that can see you ... Fill my hunger and comfort my soul

Save me and protect me from the lions and the wolves me because I depend on you

Fill me with your spirit and show me your wisdom and strengthen me to survive to the end.

Remove the sycamore of knowledge and the mountain of the selfish and fill my with the faith of the children

Fill me from your fears and from your love longs and remove the worries from me.

Tighten my mind, balance and hold me in hope till the end

My lord Jesus Christ

Take me back from my captivity so I go through my temporary time with fear

Until I reach you