Fr. Monk Eghomanous Flimon Al Souriani

Fr. Monk Eghomanous Flimon Al Souriani

Christened: Medhat Fekry Gad Atta

Date of birth: 04.08.1943 AC.

Place of birth: Abbasseya – Cairo

Family address: 9 Dr. Aflaton Str. – Almaza or 158 El Hegaz Square – Heliopolis

Education: BA. Of arts and education 1971 AC>

Job before monastic life: senior secondary school teacher

Military service: exempted

Father of confession before monastic life: Fr. Matta Abd El Malek – St. Demiana church – El Haram.

Spiritual service before monastic life: senior head of spiritual service for secondary school youth.

Place of service: St. Demiana church – El Haram

Date of arrival at the monastery: 12.10.1986

Date of joining monastic life: 06.09.1987

Date of becoming Presvitarous: 06.03.1994 (it accords with the Eve of the Lent)

Date of becoming Eghomanous: 30.11.2000 AC>

Father of confession in the monastery: Fr. Eghomanous Selwanous Al Souriani

Jobs of service in the monastery: in charge of the house of seclusion – desk of information of the monastery – in charge of monastery affairs for one whole year.

At nearly 7 o’clock in the evening on Monday 03.04.2017 Fr. Monk Eghomanous Flimon AL Souriani passed away at the age of 74 .. Having spent 30 years in monastic life as a virtuous monk, characterized by wisdom meekness ad monastic management influenced by the serenity of the wilderness, encouraging low-self-esteemed people with a loving heart to all – at 4 o’clock in the afternoon on 04.04.2017, the funeral service took place in St. Mary’s church in the monastery.

His Grace Anba Metaous bishop and head of Al Sourian monastery led the prayers, His Grace Anba Sarabamon head and bishop of St. Bishoy monastery joined him in prayers together with His Grace Anba Isizerous bishop and head of Al Baramos monastery, accompanied by His Grace Anba Bakhoum bishop of Sohag parish, His Grace Anba Bernaba bishop of Rome parish, His Grace Anba Barsoum bishop of Dariout parish, also His Grace Anba Martirous general bishop of Sharq Al Sekka Al Hadid region, His Grace Anba Theodosious bishop of middle Giza, His Grace Anba Makar bishop of Al Sharkia, 10th of Ramadan City, also Anba Domadious bishop of 6th October, His Grace Anba Youhanna bishop of North Giza, His Grace Anba Markos general bishop for the churches – Hadayek AL Koba, also His Grace Anba Eklimandous general bishop – Almaza and Al Hagana, as well as His Grace Anba Yowakeem general bishop of the churches in Esna and Armant and Anba Peter bishop of North and South Carolina.

May God rest his soul peacefully in paradise and as God supported him may he support us that we may inherit our lot among saints and angels.