Saturday of the Fifth week of the Holy Lent

Baramhat 16, 1733 - مارس 25, 2017, Saturday of the Fifth week of the Holy Lent (He shines in our hearts)

et Your face light shine in my heart, O my master and dispel every darkness from it.  To praise You and rejoice in You and am fulfilled with Your light and peace And abide in You and Your love, gladness and I am strengthened with faith.  And I happily carry my cross, denying myself until I see You in Your glory. And with Your light, my evil thoughts from the enemy disappear and I concentrate my thoughts toward You  And Your light purifies my heart, senses and protects me from the wolves and beasts. And supports the fight of my body and my thought to become more spiritual.  My Lord Jesus Christ, Your light shines in me everyday and does not allow any darkness into to my heart, O the Lover of mankind