Hatour 10

Hatour 10, 1733 - November 19, 2016, Saturday ((The Spiritual Childhood)

  My lord today I desire that you to take from me the effects of.

Hear my supplication and preserve me, save me and protect me from death.

Grant me to praise you with the spirit of children and happiness and gladness with the spirit and the truth.

Quench my thirst with the water of life so as not to thirst and fill me with the fruits of the tree of life.

Grant me to be awake always longing and thanking you and recognizing to do your will.

Expel from me whatever may wound me, expose me, and captivate me so I may sit under your feet with happiness.

Hold my hand and raise me from negligence and death so I may live by the fruit of life.

Bring me to the wedding dinner so I may come carrying the cross of love.

Fill me with righteousness, peace, joy, wisdom and power, taking away from me the wisdom of human beings.

Grant me humility in everything and patience and blaming thyself.

  My Lord Jesus Christ, keep your children and grant them your kingdom, help me and attract me with the desire of your love towards the new city.