Amshir 5

Amshir 5, 1732 - February 13, 2016, Saturday

 (The Love of God Embraces Us.)

Like the child in the arms of his mother and sheep in the bosom of the Shepard., I dive in the bosom of Your love.

You put in my mouth new praise that befits children

 You grant me to be honest in the few, to allow me to enter Your eternal wedding

You grant me power that heal my sufferings, satisfies me and enrich me, and reveal the greatness of Your power

You fill me with faith to overcome the world and evil, and fill me with patience, love and happiness.

You grant me eternal life, and reveal the secret to unite with You forever.

You save me from evil and reveal yourself to me, and show me Your will

You work within me is more than I ask or understand, through the bosom of Your love
My Lord Jesus Christ, Pleasekeep me in Your arms, give me patience and guide me and prepare me toYour eternal wedding...Oh Lover of Mankind