Why do Christians make the sign of the cross?

Why do Christians make the sign of the cross?

Since the down of Christianity Christians make the sign of the cross. This is a fact that has been reassured by researchers and thinkers. The cross and making the sign of the cross is a traditional legacy that is interwoven in the lives of believes as handed down by the Apostles.

Saint Basil the great says "Christians have received the sign of the cross among the oral traditions that have been handed down from the Apostles of Christ who taught us to make the sign of the cross blessing those who believe in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The church teaches all believers to make the sign of the cross at the beginning and the end of each prayer, before going to bed and when they wake-up, en entering and on leaving their homes before eating or drinking when they start work, during daily routines as putting on their clothes etc…The sign of the cross is part and parcel of their lives accompanying any religions action or secular event starting from wake-up in the morning to hour of sleep at night.

Saint John, the Chrysostom, says, "The sign of the cross, that was once scary, has now become so adored that it decorates places everywhere among rulers& lay men, among men& women, married couples & single ones.

It is a source of dignity to places and people carrying it along with them everywhere. One can see it in homes, markets, in the city or desert on top of mountains and in caves on hills and on ships sailing at sea, also on islands.

You can see it in cars, on clothes, on golden and silver utensils, on bodies possessed   0 demons at ware & peace, night day, among the monks Thus everyone complete to get hold of this grace & great blessing.

  • Why do Christians make the sign of the cross?

To prove that they are the followers of Christ the crucified the cross is the significant & distinguishing sign of the believers of Christ because it is the sign of their savior.

The sign of the cross will reappear in the midst of the sky as the flag that precedes the entry of the King – them those who stabled Him and mocked him will set sight upon him in regret, knowing He is the Christ, regretting their past deeds, unfortunately when it is too late and of no use. But for us believers we are proud of the cross giving it all respect and glory, worshiping the Lord who descended from Heaven to be crucified on it.

2 Announcing then Christian faith, being proud of the cross that delivered us from sin and Satan, giving us salvation It rescued us believes saving us from hell and slavery to Satan "May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ through which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world" (Galatian6: 14).

3-Christians believer that all the spiritual blessings of the New Testament have been received through the cross of our savior Jesus Christ.

4-When believers make the sign of the cross on themselves on their foreheads and when the priests make the sign of church's utensils every time they of the cross they remember all the concepts included in the Christian religion. Thus remembering the great Salvation and redemption of Chirst as well as all the blessings of Christ's Salvation that stemmed from the cross.

They also remember, that they no longer live for their own interests, but for the interest of "The one who died for their sake and was resurrected" (2Cor5: 15).

They do remember that they were bought by a precious Blood so they have to honor God in their souls and their bodies which is now owned to Him our Lord" (1Cor 6:20) on remembering all these concepts, they are filled with the love of God and cling tightly unto Him setting their hope in Him alone.

Therefore, the sign of the cross is summing up the whole of Christianity its creed & its spirituality. Once we make the sign of the cross we recall in one moment all the concepts related to the cross, I-e. Believing in God in His one Nature the divine Trinity the Divinity of the Christ His incarnation crucifixion redemption and resurrection together with all related blessings of Salvation.

5- Other blessings & benefits for making the sign of the cross:

a-   The sign of the cross expels evil troops from our surroundings. Satan cannot stand the sign of the cross that crushed him down.

b-  Believers receive spiritual strength at times of distress thus encouraging them to face all hardships.

c-    The cross is a remedy facing all temptations (anger, immorality, ….)

d-  The sign of the cross also heats the sick and is a cure from poison it is a great power when facing all diverse natural power.

e-   The sign of the cross is used to sanctify places and consecrate and utensils even blessing our food & drinks.

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