The Apparition of Virgin Mary to nun Kathrin in Paris (19th of July 1830 A.D )

Apparition of the Virgin Mary in Lourdes, France, 1858
Lourdes is a small town that is located in the southwest region France.  It is well knwon for its sanctuary, which is referred to as the 'Sanctuaries Notre-Dame de Lourdes'.  Millions of people visit this small town annually in order to take the blessings of the Grotto where, in 1858, the Virgin Mary appeared to a young girl by the name of Bernadette Soubirous - a young servant girl.  One day in the year 1858, she and her sister, as well as their friend went to Massabielle on the banks of the Gave to collect some wood.  While Bernadette removed her socks so that she may be able to cross the stream, something caught her attention - it sounded like wind gusting by.  When she looked upwards towards the grotto, she said the following:  "I saw a lady who was dressed in vibrant white clothes. She was wearing a white dress and on her head was a white veil.  There was a blue belt around her waist and a rose lay on each of her feet..." Bernadette made the Sign of the Cross and began to pray.  When the prayer ended the Virgin Mary suddenly vanished.The Virgin Mary appeared to Bernadette many times throughout that year, and during her last apparition, Bernadette said, "She was the blessed Virgin Mary, and she was more beautiful than ever..."  Our Lady the Virgin Mary multiple times in the same area throughout that same year. Through God's will, many miracles are performed through the blessings and the prayers of our Lady the Virgin Mary.