The appearance of Virgin Saint Mary in Galatia

The Appearance of the Virgin Mary in Galatia

St. Matthias the Apostle was preaching to the Galatians about Christ.  St. Matthias performed many marvels and miracles through the Holy Spirit after the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Matthias the Apostle, went to the town of Bounts, near Galatia, preaching the word of God. There, the people used to pray to the idols. At the hands of Matthias they believed in God, and broke the idols into pieces and spat at them. The governor knew about that and got furious. So, he arrested Matthias and threw him into jail. The Virgin, in Jerusalem, heard about his troubles. So, she went to where he was, stood outside the jail, and besought her beloved Son to save Matthias from his difficulties. All the iron in the prison dissolved and flowed like water and so did every piece of iron in the town. The prisoners went out prison rejoicing. The governor had a son who was mad, and the Virgin cured him. The governor begged her and so she caused the iron to resume its former state. Consequently, the governor destroyed the rest of the idols and all the town dwellers were baptized by the hands of Matthias the Apostle. The governor built a wonderful church and called it after the Virgin God's Mother.