Apparition of Virgin Saint Mary at Mar Mina Aggaiby at Minia Kamh 1998 AD

Appearance of the virgin at Mary at St. Mina the Wonderworker’s Church in Minia Kamh 1998 A.D.

From the 27th of July 1998 till the Easter of the year 1999, some spiritual creatures appeared at St. Mina the Wonderworker’s church in Minia Kamh/Sharkia governate. In the beginning, no one took the apparitions seriously, and everyone thought that they were merely from the atmosphere. However, a bright light began to appear at the centre of the altar, and it began to fill the whole church. 
People who witnessed this apparition said that it lasted for a whole hour.  Most people saw the Virgin Mary with her hands outstretched and she was blessing those who were inside the church, as well as those who were outside.  The news spread all over the towns of Gharbia as well as all the other governates.

El Watany Nabaa Newspaper published an article on Sunday 28th March 1999 A.D. The article stated:  Although the church has a wide courtyard, it was filled with people who came from everywhere in order to see the apparitions and to its blessings.  Some were even present because they needed a miracle to be fulfilled.  The church courtyard was so full to the point where there was no room left to stand. The appearance of a soft light over the church dome (that was over the altar) was observed by all people, and people were in tears as they were in dire need of seeing such marvelous heavenly scenes.  Many miracles were performed through this apparition, which persisted until Easter of the year 1999 A.D.

The church recorded and noted some of the miracles which took place with some members of its congregation.  Each individual recorded the miracle that took place with them, after which the miracles were posted on the church’s bulletin board for everyone to read.  Also, the church servants and youth managed to record some of the miracles on video.  
On the 26th of March 1999 A.D. the El Kiraza magazine, Pope Shenouda III sent a committee in order to report about the apparition of the Virgin Mary.  This committee consisted of His Grace Bishop Bishoy, bishop of Demiat and El Barary – secretary of the Holy Synod, His Grace Bishop Marcos, bishop of Shobra El Kheima and the surrounding areas, and His Grace Bishop Youannes, general bishop and Pope Shenouda’s secretary. 

On Sunday 31st of March 1999 at 5:00 AM, the members of the committee went to Zakazik first to meet with Fr. Yakobos, priest of the church in Minia Kamh.  They then headed to the church in Minia Kamh in order to attend the Holy Liturgy, and they remained there until evening.  They spoke to Fr. Yakobos and they watched the video footage of the apparition, as well as studying all the documents that were presented by the members of the congregation to whom miracles were performed during the time of the apparition.