The Virgin Mary's Apparition in Abou Sefen Monastery for nuns on 19 August 1979 AD

The Virgin Mary's Apparition in Abou Sefen Monasteryfor nuns on 19 August 1979 AD

On 21 August 1979 AD, corresponding to night of the Festival of The Virgin Mary, St, Demiana Church in the monastery was blessed. The Virgin Mary was appeared in it before the beginning of the mass at this Church. The appearance was occurred as follows:

  A large number of workers employed in building fryers (rooms) for the nuns in the fourth floor, they left their work tools that they use at the end of their day; at the last of the day after they finished their work, and they tool them at the first of the day, at St, Demiana Church which was under finishing.

   On 21 August 1979 AD, the workers went down to take their tools, the electrical power disconnected when they put their tools inside the church, and the Church became very dark. Suddenly a white column appeared towards the altar, it begins to incarnated in a clear shape with the features of Virgin Mary; the mother of light, the Virgin became walk around the altar with her long clothes and her scarves dragged on the ground.

   After that she descended from the altar and walked in the Church, then She returned to the altar again, after that She rose to the top and disappeared. At the moment of her disappearance the power back again.

…The nuns had waited the workers to out for a long time, when they absented, the nuns worried, so they went to inquire about the reason of their delay. They found them standing wide-eyed staring towards the place where the Virgin Mary disappeared. They stabilized in their place; because of the power of the surprise.

   After a moment of time, they have been awakened and each one described what he saw, while he cried from the vulnerability. Everyone tells the same speech, and everyone went around the altar to explain how the mother of light go and where they were in front of the proof of her existence, they has found signs of her fingers on the altar where she stood on, and found her footprints on the ground, as she was walking up, even the signs of her scarves dragged behind her back was visible; because the Church have not cleaned yet, there were many of the dust on the wood floor (parquet wood) , and nuns ran to tell the mother; the abbess , she went down with a large number of the nuns and praised Mother Mary and removed the dust that was found on the altar and the place of the Virgin's feet from the ground.

   The nuns were not disposal from this dust; but this dust that the Virgin walked on, became mercy and healing for many patients inside and outside the monastery, there was one of the nuns suffered from severe pain in her legs, which impeded her to move, service and walk Sir, the abbess suggested to her to put her leg in the place of the Virgin Mary's leg and the Lord could heal her, the nun acquired the blessing of the healing till today. There was another nun was suffering from severe pain severe pain in her eyes and visual impairment significantly , the abbess suggested to her to take from the dust and blessed her eyes and actually the pain vanished completely and she became see better than the first.

   It was mentioned that in the same night that the Virgin appeared to the workers, there was a group of nuns pray the praise, they were standing on the surface during an outage, they saw before power returned immediately the light column rising from behind Church of Saint Demiana altar to heaven and then disappeared into the clouds, the nuns became astonished wondered, but they knew the reason of visiting the apparition of Mary to the workers. All of them praised the Lord and thanked the Virgin for deigning the blessing to the workers, the Church and monastery even the dust on which she walked, did miracles.