Life of Virgin Saint Mary


The life of the Virgin Mary

Mary, is a Hebrew name meaning "mutiny” and in other sources means "beloved" or "beloved of God"

The Virgin Mary is the daughter of Joachim of the tribe of Judah, and descendants of the Prophet and King David.
The Virgin Mary was born in the city of Nazareth, where here parents reside.

Her parents were heartbroken because they were not able to make an offering to God because they had no children.

However, when Gods will was made, God sent his angel to preach Joachim who was standing at that time on the mountain praying, The angel preached him saying: "The Lord will give you the offspring from which will be the salvation of the world "

Joachim immediately left the mountain believing what the angel has preached him with, and told his wife Hannah with what he saw and heard. Hannah rejoiced and thanked God and vowed that her child will be the servant of God in his house all the days of his/her life. She then gave birth to this saint, and called her "Mary" the woman who then became “the queen of all women”.
Virgin Mary was born on the first of Pashons (year 5486 to Adam), afterwards was born the other Mary, who later became the wife of Half (Cleo has), who gave birth to James, Joses, Judas and Simon, cousins of Christ (who are named as the Lord's brothers).

On 3 Koiak (year 5489 to Adam) Virgin Mary entered the Temple at the age of 3 years. She lived for many years praising and praying until she reached the age 13 years, she then became the fiancée of Joseph, according to the Sharia.

Virgin Mary lived with Joseph, and gave birth to Jesus Christ on 29 Koiak (year 5501 to Adam)

Virgin Mary then lived in the house of John after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on 29 Paremhat (year 5534 to Adam) until she passed away at the age of 58 on 21 Tobi (year 5545 to Adam).