Visitation among Monks

 Visitation among Monks

There is a big difference between friendship and fellowship inside the monastery, Relationship among monks is full of love and one can not call it friendship, A monk can not be a friend of everyone, but to choose one or a few monks as friends who have the same spiritual ideas and same way of behaviors, They visit each other and walk together; they are always understating of each other during temptation, and close in times of or sickness. Sometimes they tell each other about their private lives.

Saint Maximums described friend as:

1-   One who Who will support his friend during hard times, bearing his problem, without tribulation or murmur.

2-   An honest friend is great mystery; during good times he is as counselor and partner, or during troubles he is a good honest support.

3-    Those who do the will of God and follow his commandments are the only ones who will not let down their friends when the Lord allows temptation.

4-     Those who do not follow the Lord's commandments, they enjoy good times with their friend, but when it is over and things are getting worse, they run away from friendship and sometimes support the enemies.


Monks’ Friendships Amongst Each Other