Monk Meditations at the wilderness



Monk Meditations at the wilderness





Life life ……how wonderful you are.. LifeMonk wilderness


It is the pulses of God in the universe


It is the heart’s health, face’s light, and the joy of existence…How we are grateful and gratitude….to you Life.


Your amazing generosity makes us shout: how wonderful you are…life!


What a sacred tone in the universe is yours.


With the tender buds in the spring time… and with the living creature, swimming in the water rill.


With exposed seeds, emerging with life, from the Brown soil.


With healthy green fields.


And the colorful butterflies which absorb the beautiful flowers pollinate.


I can only shout: life


Life life ……how wonderful you are... Life


I sat alone looking for the storage of life in my heart.


I want it to explode…and nourish my body with its Maximum capacity.



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