Monk's Life in the Cell

 Monk's Life in the Cell


Monk’s cell is the Monk’s home, which contain normally two rooms.

Living room for dining, working, and guest meeting.

Bedroom for spiritual time such as prayer, chanting, kneeling, bible and spiritual books reading, and sleeping. Usually monk sleeps on the floor or small bed to avoid Arthritis Pain.القلاية

It is a joyful place for the monk where he can rest, when he leave it say “RETURN TO YOUR REST O MY SOUL, FOR THE LORD HAS DEALT BOUNTIFULLY WITH YOU” (psalm 116:7).

Yes he did good to me that I have my own cell where I can have a deeper relationship with him.  


It has to be a relationship between the monk and his cell, Saint Arthanious left his cell for a period of time, when he return to his cell said with joy “when Noah’s dove could not find a place after the flood, returned back to the ark, to find peace and security, same as cell to the monk.”


Cell is the monk’s success secret, successful monk who knows how to live inside the cell and invest his time wisely without feeling board or any need to leave it for any reason.


Saint Anthony said “If fish leave the water it will die, same as the monk if he stays longer outside the cell will die spiritually.”


Monk cell like his monastery and his wide world, he has no business outside it, if monk can not stay at his cell, will not benefit from the monastery.


Perfect monk arranges his live between the cell, work, and church only.


Cell reflects the good relationship with the Lord.


Monk’s prayers will tie the devil outside his cell, and can not go inside, but inside his cell will be visited by angels and the lord Jesus Christ himself.


Three Things for Successful Monk:


1-    Pure purpose, no personal desire (God Only).

2-    Staying at his cell and invest his time wisely.

3-    Spiritual guidance from his father of confession, which guide the monk during his live.


Cell and holly bible:


The wise man said “FOR CONCILLIATION PACIFIES GREAT OFFENSES” (Ecclesiastes 10:4), cell is the place for calm and spiritual reading and prayers which result of forgiveness.



The cell is the place for judging himself and correction.


Cell teaches the fair of Godالقلاية1


Saint John the Dorgy said:” Jailed person fear meeting with the judge, and the monk inside his cell fear the day which will meet with the lord which more scary.


Cell is the best teacher


A monk wants a word of wisdom from Father Mosses, he told him “GO STAY AT YOUR CELL AND IT WILL TEACH YOU EVERYTHING”.