Father Silwanis


Father Silwanus


Name at Birth: Youssef Takla Narrous Habibsalwany

Date and place of birth: 11/05/1923 AD

Qualification: secondary school diploma 1940

Occupation before monasticism: Head of filters department at Helwan power station

Father of confession before monasticism: Father Ibrahim Attia pastor of the Church of Saint Anthony in Shubra

Health status: diabetic

Date of arrival at the monastery: 7/1970 AD

Date accepted as a student: 3/1971 AD

Date of Monasticism: 3/1971

Date ordained a priest: 6/1972

Date ordained Hegomenos: 1975 AD

Father of confession at the monastery: Father Metaous El Syrian

Duties at the monastery: preparing food for the monks - Secretary of the monastery for 15 years

Service outside the monastery: secretary of Pope Shenouda III from November 1972 till April 1973

Departed in the Lord at 9:30 a.m on Tuesday 03/04/2012 AD The funeral prayer was held by Bishop Hedra( Bishop of Aswan) and Bishop Metaous- Abbot of El Syrian Monastery and Bishop Theophilus (Bishop of the Red Sea) and Bishop Isaac and many monks from different monasteries and was buried at the Monastery Cemetery.


Video of his funneral



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