The Martyrdom of St . John of Senhout

The Martyrdom of St . John of Senhout .

On this day St . John of Senhout, departed . He was born in Senhout, his father's name wasMacarius and his mother's name was Anna .It came to pass that when he was tending the sheep flock of his father, the angel of the Lordappeared to him, showed him a crown of light and said to him: "Why are you sitting here whilemany others are persecuted, now rise up and go to the city of Atrib (Banha), struggle for theName of the Lord Christ"; then the angel gave him the salutation of peace and departed from him .He bade farewell to his parents, went to the Governor, and confessed the Lord Christ before him .The Governor delivered him to one of the soldiers to entreat him kindly that perhaps he wouldchange his mind and be obedient to him . However the Saint performed several miracles before thesoldier that made him also believe in the Lord Christ and received the crown of martyrdom by thehands of the Governor . The Governor became angry and tortured the Saint with every kind oftorture, but the Lord strengthened him and made him to endure it . Then the Saint was sent toAnsena (Antinoe), where he was again tortured . At the end they cut off his head by the sword .Julius El Akfahasy took his body, shrouded, and sent it to his town Senhout . The people receivedhim with hymns and praise, and placed him in the church . The body of the Saint now is located inShoubra El-Khema in Egypt .May his prayers be with us . Amen