Father Raphael


Father Raphael


Monk: Raphael El Syrianrofa

Name at Birth: Sobhy Eskander Msdary

Date of Birth: 09/01/1931

Place of birth: Bahgoura

Family home address: Bahgoura

Occupation before monasticism: Pharmacist

Father of confession before monasticism: Fr. Mena El Gawly (St. Mary Church El Fagalla)

Service before monasticism: deacon at St. Mary Church El fagala

Date of arrival at the monastery: 08/03/1986

Date of monasticism: 06/09/1987

Date became a priest: the first Sunday of  the holy Lent year 1994

Date ordained Hegomenos: 08/10/2000

His Father of confession at the monastery: monk Father Metaous El Syrian

Duties at the monastery: Washing machines - baking - the monastery gate

Service outside the monastery: The monastery head office in Cairo

His departure date: at 7 A.M. on Wednesday 08/02/2012 and the funeral prayers was held by Bishop Metaous and Beshop Bernaba (Bishop of Rome) and the monks of the monastery.