Father Youssef


Father Youssef


Monk: Yousef El Syrian

Name at Birth: Shaker Hanna Salamayoussef

Date of Birth: 09/08/1908

Place of Birth: Al Motyaa Village- Assuit

Church qualifications: Didymus Institute for memorizing hymns

His order in the Monastery by year: 1947 AD

Date of Monasticism: 5/8/1947 AD- 29 Epip 1663 St..

His duties in the monastery: opening and closing the ancient door of the monastery to visitors – ringing the bell during the sunset and midnight prayers - responsible for teaching hymns & praises and the Coptic language to brothers requesting monasticism


In year 1983, he served at Ezbet Atries, and was responsible for the Monastery endowments until 05/01/1984

His distinct virtues: love - giving - the seriousness and commitment – tolerance - simplicity and humility - forgiveness - continuous Prayer - impartiality and asceticism

Date of his departure: dawn on Monday 25/10/1993 - 15 Paopi 1710 St.