Father Agabius


Father Agabius


Monk: Fr. Agabius El Syriana3ason

Name at Birth: Serafiem Gerges Mikhail

Date of Birth: 26/03/1929 Sohag - Gerga - village of Awlad Yahya

Education: Primary

He entered the monastery: in 1951 and was named Brother Yehnes

Date of Monasticism: Sunday 7/10/1951 AD

Duties in the monastery: responsible for irrigation and electricity machines and maintenance

Date ordained a priest: 27/12/1956 AD

Date ordained Hegomenos: 14/10/1962 AD

His spiritual talents: He used to repeat the prayer of Jesus more than 347 times daily and was well know with his patience and putting his full life in the hands of God.

Date of his departure: the night of the Epiphany year 1984