The Apparition of the Pure Lady the Virgin in the church of Zeiton

The Apparition of the Pure Lady the Virgin in the church of Zeiton .

On the eve of this day of the year 1684 A .M . which coincide with tuesday the 2nd . of April1968 A .D ., during the papacy of Pope Kyrellos VI, the hundred sixteenth Pope of Alexandria, ourLady and the pride of our faith started to transfigure in luminous spiritual forms in and around thedomes of the church dedicated to her immaculate name in Zeiton, a suburb of Cairo .270This transfiguration continued in following nights in a manner that was never known in the East orthe West . This transfiguration in some nights was as long as many hours, without stop, in front oftens of thousands of people from every race and religion, with every one seeing her, pointing ather and interceding to her with songs, hymns, tears, prayers and hails and She was looking tothem in a compassionate way raising her hand at times to bless them in all directions .The first one to notice this transfiguration was the workmen at the garage of the Public TransitSystem which was across the street from the church . The watchman Abdel-Aziz Aly, who was incharge of guarding the garage at that night, saw a luminous body over the dome of the church . Hestarted shouting: "light over the dome" and he called the other workers in the garage . They allcame and saw the bright light over the large dome of the church . When they looked closely, theysaw a young lady in white, kneeling by the cross at the top of the dome . Because the dome had around, smooth, and very sloping surface, it held the men as though they were nailed in their placeswatching the fate of the lady . Few seconds passed then they saw the kneeling lady as she stoodover the dome . They gave out a cry of fear that she might fall down . They thought she was a girlin despair trying to commit suicide and they cried warning that person not to jump down andsome of them called the police . The pedestrians, men and women started to gather around . Theview of the lady was getting more clear and she appeared as a beautiful girl in a bright gown oflight and had branches of olive tree in her hand, and around her flew white doves . Then theyrealized that they were seeing a heavenly spiritual view . They directed flood light to the luminouspicture to remove all doubt from their minds, but instead it became more clear and bright . Theycut the electricity off all the area but the lady remained in her heavenly illumination and her brightgown of light became more clear . She started moving around in a circle of light radiating from herbody to all the directions around her . All the people then realized that this lady in front of them,without no doubt is the Virgin Mary . They started to shout and cry saying: "She is the Virgin . . .She is the Mother of Light . . . " They prayed with songs, hymns and hails all the night until thenext morning .Since that night the pure Virgin had transfigured in different spiritual views in front of thousandsand ten of thousands of masses, Egyptian and foreigners, Christians and non-christians, men,women and children . Spiritual beings formed like doves would appear before, during and after thetransfiguration zooming through the sky in a way raising the human from a materialistic to aheavenly atmosphere .This transfiguration was in different forms . One of the most significant ways this apparition tookplace was that; the head of St . Mary under the vail looking down as in the picture of the sadVirgin and she was looking toward the Cross and that view would stay like this at times or slowlybow before the Cross at other times . The Cross itself will shine and illuminate although it wasmade of concrete . And some times an angel would appear standing behind her spreading hiswings . That view might stay as long as many hours .Another view was the view of the Mother of Light standing as a great Queen in a beautifulspiritual portrait radiating dignity, elegance and beauty . On her head was a crown of a queen as ifit were made of diamonds and some times there appeared on the top of the crown a small271luminous cross . And some times she appeared in the same way but carrying Christ, to Him is theGlory, in the form of a child on her hand and on His head a crown . And on other times she raisedher both hands as She was blessing the world moving to the right, to the front, and to the left in adignified way .Many spiritual signs appeared before, during, and after the apparition of the Virgin the mother ofthe Lord's transfiguration . The appearance of tongues of yellowish flame would flash over thechurch and then subside and that repeated several times . Another form of the signs were thespiritual beings formed like doves, larger than the doves that we know, appear about midnight orafter, flying in the middle of darkness illuminating in a fast speed, appeared suddenly from nowhere, and also disappeared suddenly . These spiritual beings appeared in different formations andin varying numbers . A fact we should be aware of that pigeons do not fly during the night .Another sign was the shooting stars which were constantly falling and were seen very close to theapparition on many occasions as if coming down to glorify her from heaven . Another sign was thefragrance of incense . The smoke of the incense poured out of the domes in large quantities .Substance resembling clouds, thick fog or smoke would roll in toward the church and completelycover the church .Also the illuminated cloud that appeared over the domes of the church in large volume and oftenproceeded the transfiguration of the Virgin or at times the cloud slowly formed in the shape of thevirgin . Sometimes the apparition of the Virgin would appear from the clouds .This transfiguration and all the spiritual signs were a forerunner and announcement for serious orimportant events to come in the near and far future . Or it might be a spiritual gesture from heavento indicate the Lord's caring for His church and His people and our country .May the mercy of God be upon us all . May the Lord keep His people and church in peace, withthe intercession of Our Lady and the pride of our race the pure Virgin St . Mary . Amen .