The Departure of Anba Macarius, the Fifty-Ninth Pope of Alexandria

The Departure of Anba Macarius, the Fifty-Ninth Pope of Alexandria .

On this day also of the year 668 A .M . (May 20th . 952 A .D .) St . Macarius the fifty ninth Popeof Alexandria, departed . He was born in the city of Shoubra . He rejected the world since his youthand he desired the monastic life . He went to the monastery of St . Macarius at the wilderness ofSheahat (Scetis) . He lived in virtues and good conduct made him worthy to be chosen a Patriarch,and a successor for Pope Cosma . He was enthroned on the first of Baramouda 648 A .M . (March27th . 932 A .D .) .When he went forth from Alexandria going to visit the monasteries in the desert of Scetisaccording to the custom of his predecessors, he passed by his home town to visit his mother whowas a righteous woman . When his mother heard that he had arrived she did not go out to meethim . When he had come to the house, he found her sitting down weaving and she did not greethim or paid attention to him . He thought that she did not know him . He told her: "Don't youknow that I am your son Macarius who was elevated to a great position and became a head for agreat nation?" She answered him with tears in her eyes: "I did not ignore you and I know whatbecame of you, but I would have rather seen you dead than seen you as a Patriarch . Before, youwere responsible only for your own soul but now your are responsible about the souls of all your272flock: Now remember you are in danger and it is difficult to escape it ." She said that and went onweaving as she did before .The father the Patriarch left her sad, and attended to his office with delegant and care . Heinstructed his people with preaching and sermons . He did not touch any of the church revenue,and did not lay his hand on any one without people consent . He commanded the bishops and thepriests to watch their flock and to protect them with homilies and admonitions . He sat on thethrone of St . Mark twenty years in peace and tranquility, then departed in peace .May his prayers be with us and Glory be to God forever . Amen .