Father Metaos

Father Metaos


Name: Shawky Hanna Alla.matoes

Date of Birth: October 10, 1927.

Address: Quena.

Education: Associate Degree, engineering study.

Became monk on September 27, 1949.

Became Priest on October 22, 1950, then hegemon on October 7, 1951.
Note: on 1961 they built an individual cell for him located at the monastery garden, he became a father of confession for many monks, and the monastery celebrated his monasticism’s golden jubilee on 1999.


Commemoration video clips for father Metaos el Soriany:


Fathers getting his blessing

Bishop Metaos speech during the golden jubilee

Fr. Daniel el Soriany’s speech 

Fr Metaos and Fr. Michael present their gifts to Pope Shenouda III 

Fr. Metaos get the saints blessing 

Fr. Metaos attend Pope Shenouda’s golden jubilee 

أFather Metaos participates in giving some fathers monks the priesthood 

Fr. Metaos congratulate monks for the priesthood



What the other said about Fr. Metaos:



Anba Metaos, bishop and abbot of El Sorian monastery

 Anba Bernaba, Toronto’s bishop

Anba Befnotious, Samalot’s bishop 


Anba Thoufelos, Red Sea’s bishop 
Anba Denial, general bishop
Anba Sarabamon, Om Dorman, Atbarah, and north Sudan’s bishop

Anba Sarabamon, Om Dorman, Atbarah, and north Sudan’s bishop

Anba Hedra, Aswan’s bishop 

Anba Youssef, Southern USA’s bishop 
Fr. Faltaous el Soriany’s memories about with Fr. Metaos

Fr. Kerllos el Maqary

Fr. Michael el Soriany



Fr. Metaos’ Golden Jubilee celebration:



Part 1

Part 2 

Part 3

Part 4



Fr. Metaos’ funeral prayer:


Part 1

 Part 2

Part 3

Part 4