Father Angelos


Father Angelos


Name: Youssef Morkos Yaqob Salama

Date of Birth: January 5, 1917Abona Angelos

Address: Bani Samet Village, Bani Mazar, El Menya.

Job: Farmer

Date became a monk: February 26, 1951

Date of Priesthood: Keyahk 18, 1672 (Coptic year).

Date became hegoman: Babah 4, 1678 (Coptic year).

Job inside monastery: Farming, other miscellaneous work with the workers.

Work outside monastery:

1-    Mari Mina’s Monastery constructions 1960-1966.

2-     Margirgs and Anba Antonious Church constructions in Alexandria and Margirgs church in Rasheed 1966-1971.

3-    El Gabal El Asfar cemetery constructions 1972-1975.

4-    Nuns’ father of confessions 1976-1991.


 Reposed in Christ on the Easter day, May 5, 1994 at 5:25.


Pope Shenoda III attended the prayer on his blessed soul with Anba Metaous, Anba Sarabamon, Anba Esezoros, Anba Rowis, Anba Sarabioun, Anba Youannes, and Anba Markos the Eritrean.