Bishop Bachomios

Bishop Bachomios

His name was Samir Kher Sucar, born on 1935 at Shebeen El Koom, Anba Bakhomios

after graduating from Faculty of Commerce, attended the clergy school from 1959-1961.

He was the first deacon to serve with Fr. Angelos El Moharky in Kuwait, also serve as Sunday school teacher. 

Went to the monastery and became a monk by the name of Antonious El Soriany on October 11, 1962.
Ordained priest on January 2nd, 1966.

He served at Sudan and ordained hegoman on 1968. Also served in Ethiopia and England.
He was ordained Bishop on the December 12, 1971 with anba Youannas by the name of Anba Bakhomios for El Behera and five western Dioceses.
He built St. Mary and St. Athanasious cathedral in Damanhoor and number of churches.

Brought St. Augustine relic from Algeria on 1987 to be kept at the cathedral, which they celebrate every year.
Promoted to metropolitan on September 2, 1990.