Monk: Petronius El Souriani

Monk: Petronius El Souriani

Birth Name: Remon Roushdy Shafik Awad abouna betranyous

Date of Birth: 01.06.1981

Place of birth: El Sahel - Shubra - Cairo

Family address: 11, Str Ali El Sheikh by ​​Sheikh Ramadan - Khalafawy - Shubra - Egypt.

Qualification: Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery (December 2005)

Occupation before monasticism: doctor "Al Hayah Medical Center" Coptic Hospital

Identification Number: 28106020102631

Publication: Abbassia - Cairo

Military status: exempted from military service

Confessor before monasticism: Father Rues Badie

Service before monasticism: Intermediate - Secondary

Place of performance: seat of the Monastery of Saint Hadayek El Kobba, Cairo

Date of arrival to the monastery: Thursday, 29/04/2010

Date as monasticism Student: Friday, 07/05/2010

Monasticism Date: 28/06/2013

Confessor in the convent: Fr Isozorus El Souriani

Date of death: He left our mortal world at midnight on Monday, 07/07/2014. At three clock noon on Monday Bishop Sarabamoun Abbt of the Monastery of Saint Bishoy and HG Bishop Epiphanius Abbt of the Monastery of St. Macarius and the monks of the wildness of Sheheat and the Synod of the monks of the monastery came to the monastery. Father Petronius was buried in the tomb of the monastery with the late Father Moench Beemen El Souriani and monk Father Wissa El Souriani.