Bishop Samoel I

Bishop Samoal I

 Was born in Cairo on December 8, 1920, his name was Saad Aziz, He graduatedAnba Samoel1from the law school on 1941. Also graduated form Theological Seminary on 1944. He worked as professor at Adisa Baba, Ethiopia’s Theological Seminary from 1944 to 1946. Then assigned to the secretariat of the General Committee of the Church Educational. His Holiness Pope Kyrelos VI ordained him monk, at anba Samoel monastery by the name of Makary On April, 1948. He sent him with father Bakhom to El Sorian monastery then ordained him priest on 1950, then hegomain on 1951. He was personal secretary for Pope Kyrelos VI. Received BA Education and Psychology and a master’s degree in religious education from Princeton University and worked as a teacher at the Theological Seminary and also Chairman of the Department of Social Studies, the Higher Institute of Coptic Studies. His Holiness Pope Kyrelos VI ordained him a bishop of social services and also ordained anba Shenouda (now Pope Shenouda III) bishop of education on Sunday, September 30, 1962. Anba Samuel was the founding of the Diocese of social service in Egypt. His life became an example of activity, missionary work all over the world, Distinguish service in advance of the church and his country, also a living example of sacrifice for others with pleasure. He was a member of the international churches committee and attended several conferences abroad. Upon the death of Pope Kyrelos, he was one of the three names which were drawn to choose from for the next pope. Everybody loved him as he loved all; he was martyred on October 6, 1981 while attending the celebration ceremony of the historic victory of 1971, with president Sadaat.