Pope Shenouda III & the coptic monasteries

Pope Shenouda III & the Coptic Monasteries

Pope shenouda practiced the Coptic monasticism life, although he was very busy with his concerns of Coptic Church, he didn’t miss the unit life, even with his existence in the world,  As he became a monk in Saurian monastery in 18 th July 1952, he was committed with laws of monasticism and her fragrant , when  he ordained as bishop of education in 30 th September 1962 , and after he became a Pope m he lived with the same tradition of monk that started by first parents ,


and he practiced  his meditations , studies , and his life with Jesus , the Lord in the wild life a half of week m he stayed a half of week in the patriarch house took care of his people , and the second half of week lived with Jesus in a simple life are the next popes follow him in this theme life for the optional poverty which is factor of Coptic monasticism factors  ,


the pope showed his simplicity and devotion  ,and his cheap clothes ( unless in the service of the church must be working of the priesthood of God the style of his life was very simple and he treated people in a very neat and nice way , and affected upon the them , his style way was a reason that the youth who loved his style way was increased , their number was around 200 youth and then he ordained as monks .

The caring of pope shenouda with monasteries:

As for the life in monasteries itself , pope shenouda lll cared with life inside it , and developed it to face the novel requirements to update the era with new machines and computers … etc  , and also he cared   with prosperity  of monumental monasteries which increased in number to hundreds and , Where monastic life was there ,  and God heard prayers of a live  saints ,the monasteries were developed , and they  turned into active monastery of saint Bahumous in quarry  of Edfu in bishopric of Aswan , monastery of El – Shayeb in Luxor monastery of saint  Mary in Alhawaoish area  with mountain of Akhmim , monastery of saint George in El – Zureikat in Aswan , the monastery of saint Damiana, with the wild , monastery saint Shenouda in  Sohag , in the prosperity  monasteries for example the monastery of saint Beshoy had many enlargements , it was built  150 of new cells  ,


and land reclamation of the desert monasteries  and planted them  and became Oases in the heart of wild , and in every monastery had a special house for recess to receive youth to spend a special time for the  worshiping , and staying in spirit periods inside it , and heard the sounds of birds in the desert , and make sure of   the saying of inspiration of God “ turtle – dove sung on our lands stock dove” , and the monasteries became an intention for thousands of people from Coptic people come to them  for blessing and spending days off and remember that I visited monastery of saint Beshoy in the feast of Sham – El – Nassem , and found hundreds  spent  this popular feast there .

  The monasteries of the Coptic in the emigrated countries:

The spread of Monasticism wasn’t content with Egypt but it enlarged the fire’s love of Jesus Christ between the emigrated Coptic people in pope shenouda lll era , his holiness  established  , many monasteries in emigrated countries  for example : a monastery in Melborn  and other one in sedney and it’s capacity is increased for hundreds of Feddans  in the blue mountain ,


and it was named after pope  shenouda  lll by the Coptic people from Sedney Australia , from blessing of God that when they dig a well extract  the water in the area of monastery , the mineral water was went out , and after examination of it , it was found th at it’s one of the best of mineral water in the world , and the companies had requested to rent , and sell it but the monastery was refused because it’s the gift from God grace to Coptic people , in this picture of monastery of pope shounda lll, where a very big flat land was removed from the trees of forest of mountain which is near from it , that for to prevent the fires which flame in the forest in the heating of the summer on the building of monastery , it’s mentioned that in one of the year , the fires was flamed in the forest and destroyed ,a distant capacities which reach to hundreds of kilo meters in the mountains and the fires was the monastery , and it was decided removing the monastery from blessing monks from the  Australia Authorities ,


but our lord Compassion , and rains were went out , with a very big amount in the summer and the fire was stopped . Pope Shenouda established monasteries in other countries in the world, where Coptic people exists , for example : W. yvel bakh  in Germany , and other monastery in the desert of California in USA , and the third one in Milano in Italy and others.


The problem has been dragging Pope Shenouda sheahat monastery father Pavlos to Egypt that met the  Holy Synod and evangelism year 35 Nos. 19-20 June 8 2007 on the theme "the monastery of Saint Shenouda in sedney in Australia, The Pope arrived in a comprehensive report on the State of the monastery of Anba shenouda in Sydney from the Secretary of the monastery is fr. Daniel the Antony and the Monastery founded by the Pope in 1995 and the reconstruction of Pavlos bishoy and named him papal Secretaries .