Pope Sheonouda III Ordination

Ordination of Pope Shenouda III

The drawing of the temple went out with the name of anba shenouda, the bishop of education ,in this time the saurian monastery as his usual habit . he spent  there from first of the week , and he was praying the holy mass with the priests of the monastery and his monks in the same time that the drawing of the temple was running in Cairo .  


After the ending of the holy mass , he leave the saurian monastery  and went to the monastery  of anba bishoy and sat with it’s monks and suddenly  all people surprised that the bells of the monastery Knock beats of  joy with rings of bells , it was heard the sounds of cheer and praises in the wildness .


And after minutes came to the monastery fathers bishops and archbishops ,priests ,and delegates of newspaper , foreign agencies and thousands of people full of joy ,want to take him to Cairo , so he met them in a simple way . Then all of them went to the church of the monastery and pope shenouda stood in front of the temple and kneeled then prayed thanksgiving but the priests of saurian monastery and it’s monks full of joy because anba shenouda was the second pope went out from saurian monastery,the first one  Is the Patriarch, Pope Gabriel 95  of the Patriarchs had he stayed in the patriarch chair nearly 43 years (1525-1568).

At night all people went to Cairo to be easy for Coptic people to Congratulate ,it was a large convoy of cars, buses, and motorcycles didn’t see like this before , and Coptic people full of cheer and joy .

   The convoy passed to the Diocese of Giza and entered the church and prayed the thanksgiving with other fathers then went to cairo and reached to the monastery of anba Reus , all people knew that he was coming , so thousands of students of College Seminary, and then entered the chosen pope from Jesus the lord  to the monumental anba Ruiz  church to pray Which coincides with the eve of Bishop Ruiz, descended to his tomb where his body clean with a lot of parents Patriarchs and prayed the raise of incense of the eve .

On Monday morning, the day of the feast of anba Ruiz, pope prayed the holy mass after the drawing in the temple and attended with him many fathers of archbishop ,bishop, priests, and thousands of Coptic people. after ending of the holy mass pope shenouda congratulated President-elect flocked received congratulatory shenouda: Mr. Mamdouh Salim, Minister Of the Interior and then Governor of Cairo and the Governor of qalyubiya and delegate the whole Arabic and Coptic and many clergy, And the people.

 And special Republican Decree by the Pope on 1/11/1971 on the second day after the drawing, after the crowds having calmed well wishers went to the monastery to serve the rest of days of the week, but visits continue to the monastery.

Pope Shenouda has received many delegations to the monastery of bishops and priests, and also received a press and radio and foreign television stations. In this period he studied a special studying about arranging the church and it’s future .on the 8 th of February in 1971 5 Hator 1688 inauguration ceremony began. and ordination, Pope and head to the Coptic Church, the ceremony was recorded on the radio and television in Egypt on direct air, and it was very crowded from many people who came to attend the party of coronation of pope and number of people who attended around 10 thousand people went to cathedral in the land of monastery of Anba Ruiz, and they were there from 5 a.m and at 7 a.m the outside doors of cathedral were closed, although that the party will be started at 9 a.m . and attended many delegates of Christian church in the world , and they are:

 His Beatitude Ignatius Jacob III, Patriarch of Antioch for the Syrian Orthodox and her delegation of Church, And Mar the first Catholicos of the Armenian Orthodox valleys and was also a delegation of his Church, and the Indian Church delegation attended the Syrian Orthodox, Ethiopian church delegation was headed by his beatitude Patriarch Theophilus of Ethiopia and his large delegation of bishops and priests from Ethiopian brothers, also attended the coronation ceremony, Patriarch of Romania,

And attended the delegate of bishops of Canterbury in England, delegate of Greece church, also Russian delegate, and the secretary of council of international churches, and many delegates of small churches in Europe.


The guests of the party entered the people who presented the foreign churches to the cathedral in a Parade with their different priesthood clothes and entered the VIP of Egypt from a special door, before them Mr Salah El-Shahad, the delegate of the present of the republic Mohamed Anwar El Sadat and Dr. Mohamed Fawzy, the priminister and Mr Hafez Babuy, the head of the council and head of law high court , big number of ministries , ambassadors , Diplomats and VIP of the country and also attended El Sheikh Mohamed Abu Fatty, delegate about Sheikh El Azhar. and attended this party Males Andom. (Ethiopian ambassador) , in Cairo . Delegate about the Ethiopian emperor Halaselasy and the ambassador presented   the scarf of Soliman the great, the top scarf  In Ethiopia.              

. Then the holy mass started and raised the incense and started in reading the messages, and it was read the Paul, catholicon, then Abraksis. in this moment fathers priests directed to bear the censers.

And behind them the deacons was bearing the crosses from outside of the cathedral and closed the door of cathedral and received the key the head of deacons  D.r Yossef Mansour and stood up near the door from outside waiting the reaching Anba Shenouda till delivered him the key of the church.

 And then  Parade   moved after increasing in number to the high big church in the cathedral before the deacons bearing crosses and around it fathers bishops and archbishops and bells of cathedral was starting to   knock  and knocked  with them the bells of the other churches  and finally pope shenouda and parade  reached  to the closed door ,


then the deacons delivered the key of the church to him , then he took it and opened the door of the church when he was singing a psalm number  (117) which says “open to me the doors of righteousness to enter and thank the lord and with it righteousness people enter , I thank you o GOD,                                                                                                                                     
and then he opend the door and the parade entered to the inside of cathedral and people was singing with Coptic hymns and started with a praise of “ Monogenic” until pope shenouda reached to the temple and  kneeled   in front of the holy temple , then was sat down upon a small chair in front of the temple between 2 cellings ,then fathers bishops, archbishops, priests, and deacons were siting in the places which specialized for their sittings.

 Then started the rituals of ordination with reading of following recommendation:

In the name of the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit, one God, our God we’re the orthodox Christians Confidences in it to the last breathe and send him in high heaven, the glory, and honor  forever and ever.

We’re bishops and archbishops, priests, deacons, and all people who loved Christ in the cities, of Alexandrian, Cairo, and territories of all Egypt, when us pandemic you incite against the transmission of good male God has triangle Pope kyrillos VI great heavenly, Holy, all the time God had heard of it which I love Almighty voice filled with joy:


"how dear good slave Secretary, enter into the joy of your master" when we had feelings that we were  orphans and widowed Church of God Holy sponsored by his teachings, was talking to the Almighty guide us to the Dominion of the priesthood of the Lord-sponsored guide us port of salvation and gives it top and did the Holy Spirit agreed All in good heart, we elected the worshiping of God Bishop shenouda, Bishop College Seminary and religious institutes, the saurian monastery monks, Pope and Patriarch and Archbishop of the Holy of St. mark the Evangelist , the preacher of  Egypt , Nubia , Sudan, Ethiopia and five Western cities and other counties of evangelization in Africa, Asia, Europe, America and Australia, and may choose it, because man worshipers of God , loving strangers,  overall understanding and knowledge, immaculate glory spread the teachings of the Gospel , staying up upon church  it’s rituals and traditions and our top sponsors and the Pope and Patriarch to sell holy God  "The tradition of the Presidency received the priesthood for many years and the safe times fraught with glory and honor" and this tradition is signed by all the members of the Holy Synod .

For that we wrote this testimonial, and signed sponsors thanked the Holy Trinity father, son and Holy Spirit-Amen.  One of the fathers of the Synod started by Thanksgiving and then sat down and continued prayers of parent’s archbishops and bishops. His grace anba Antonios began reciting the rituals and directed towards Anba shenouda and said: "you, o Abba shenouda III Pope and Patriarch and master and Archbishop of the preaching, in the name of the father and the son and the Holy Spirit and repeated it three times and each time the people answered him “amen” ,then deacons were saying the praise of Saint Mark. Then Parents archbishops and bishops began to read in liturgical prayers and reading a litany to Jesus that flooded his talents on the Pope. And dressed him the (Taunay) white cloth.

Then the colonel delivered him the tradition of priestly Presidency and saying to him with a loud voice:

“The tradition of the Presidency received the priesthood for many years and the safe times fraught with glory and honor "and this tradition is signed by the members of the holy synod the reciter began telling the praise of his Holiness Pope as follows tradition: in the name of the father and the son and the Holy Spirit one God Amen.


The ritual of patriarch for holiness pope Shenouda ,pope of Alexandria and patriarch of saint Mark, in all of Africa ,east and western countries pope number(117) from patriarchs of Alexandrian church the great saint Mark ,the apostle .

We’re the colonel of Alexandrian pope and patriarch of saint Mark , , patriarch of  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and the metropolitans and bishops of the servants of immaculate Lord Orthodox, sold by the Apostolic See of evangelization regions of Alexandria church with age-old history, and Orthodox traditions.
•    Announce to the people of the whole world, and to the people. Arabic Republic of Egypt and her monks and the city of God ( Jerusalem ), and the Ethiopian empire, and the Republic of the Sudan, Nubia, and the countries of Uganda, Kenya, and South Africa, and North Africa regions, and the Kingdom of Jordan, and all of Palestine, Lebanon, and Kuwait, and the continents of Asia, Europe, North America and Australia. 


In that blessed day, that is Sunday 14 th November 1971 for Jesus Christ,  4 of Hator year 1688 to faithful martyrs was by the grace of the Lord, upgrade the ink, and the Bishop blessed the venerable, and father all spiritual virtues, and pure, and world realities of Christianity and Orthodox teachings, all Church ritual, the science Christian Sharia. Hg Anba shenouda, Bishop College Seminary, the seminary and Church education, and raised to the dignity of the bulls and his inauguration, and his coronation, the patriarchal Chair, for all regions. in Africa, the East and the diaspora, and has become the spiritual Church Cathedral upgrade.-


holds the title of Pope shenouda III, Pope of Alexandria and all counties  preaching   and seventeenth in a series of successors of St. mark the Apostle, God has answered our prayers , And by our tears and we humble oneself in front of him, and did not want to leave us orphaned, long after our beloved triangle brick and God has, very much decorum and dignity Pope kyrillos world survival and eternity in the ninth Tuesday morning with a March in 1971 for the birth of Christ in the flesh, approved Tuesday of  Meshir in 1687 llshahda .
Shepherd of shepherds, and father of fathers, and as President of the high priests, the Holy Orthodox in our Church, and the successor of Apostle St. mark, Apostle of Christ his glory, and his agent on Earth, and ordering and finishing, solved and connected, pray for the whole Church and intercede in the people of the Lord, and his people to the Chair, progress, and yielding to his word, and his presidency, and listen to his voice for his voice and his education in all so-called mechanism, in conformity with the sacred books and traditions of the Apostolic Church, the Orthodox Church's established ,


And the resolutions and laws of the first three ecumenical councils of Nicaea, Constantinople, Ephesus, and the decisions of the local councils, and the sayings and teachings of the church fathers are columns, and became known as teachers of the Church, because under emergence as Pope of Alexandria has won-after St. Athanasius the Apostolic faith-title of protector, and judge the whole world XIII Apostles are pure.     


Under this message, and these call for Pope shenouda III, became Sultan of inks, ink succession the see of bone, and binding, and legislation, standardization, and care, and measure, ... The priesthood and the rank of the Patriarchs and bishops and bishops, and the work of the Holy Baptism, hence all the Patriarchs and metropolitans of ordination of deacons and the launch of the churches and temples and altars, all tools, and other acts of the priesthood.


And the faithful people of the Lord to love their doors, and they fear him, respect and honor him, and obey him, said Scripture: "obey " and subjected them, they sit on your souls will charge you even watched it do this with joy and not those already living, because this is beneficial to you (Hebrews 13: 17) as the Savior, his glory in fungal to his Apostles: "you are pure, he kissed me" (Matthew 10: 40) also said: "obeyed you have obeyed me and despised you have despised me" (Luke 10 : 16) the chosen one of the God of his grace, and a us a father with his lint that sustained thanks to its power, and backed by the left, and opens his mouth to his soul, and to speak publicly the mystery of the Gospel, and backed by the right, and opens his mouth to his holy spirit, to speak openly with the mystery of the Gospel and build and strengthen souls, and require the Church orchestrated the wisdom and understanding of the sky, and guide misguided people and lead them to springs of salvation, intercession of the intercessions Metal purity and generosity and blessings, our Lady
The pride of  our race , all of Holiness of the Virgin Mary and virginal doctrine permanent applications, the prayer of  headmaster of St. Mark Evangelical Prophet God ,and our fathers the Saints the of divine graces ,Pope Athanasius, Pope kyrillos column of the  faith, Pope Dioscorus II the first hero of the orthodox , of all the angels, fathers and prophets and Apostles, martyrs and saints, and the glory of the father ,son , and the Holy Spirit one God the  triangle.

The metropolitans and bishops were wearing him clothes of priesthood and then they gave him the Gospel, put it on his head, a sign that the Gospel would be the law of his life then unfurled the Gospel on his head and took the parents metropolitans and bishops of the Gospel and accepted.


Parents  bishops and archbishops began  in the steps of wearing  his Holiness shenouda robes of priesthood and, saying: "your priests wear the righteoness   and righteousness people are cheering rejoice in jubilation", saying: "hold your sword on thigh, o mighty, successes and owned , then left sleeve: murderers," your right God glorified form of force left Lord crushed enemies, right Lord manufactured powerhouse, left the Lord reward was very encouraging, and dresses the metropolitans and bishops left sleeve and they say "your hands made me  , make me  learn your commandments which they fear you, they see me they enjoy all the while."

Then they wore him a rope , and they say: "my spirit rejoices in God, my heart rejoices in God my Savior, for he wore me garment of salvation and filled me  with pleasure all the time” and then the chosen Pope shenouda  took  off the black hat and  the they  wearing him a special white  hat for monks , presented by the colonel  and first of archbishops bearing the Crown for him , 


then he took it from  them and put it on his head, while a parents metropolitans intones saying "King of the Lord and put on the pomp, was worn by power , put on my head a Crown of precious stones, and good life, asked him, he gave me all the time "and people were saying after each section:" forever and ever. Amen.

Then parents  archbishops and bishops presented and congratulate him  then Pope shenouda III put  the Crown to cut his lift  forehead and  parents archbishops and bishops were wearing  their crowns and went with his Holiness going with him to the altar to receive the cross and stick from the altar care guide that recognizes the stick and the cross of the Lord and it delivers care crosses sticks to the archbishops and bishops meanwhile was the locum tenens tells him: "recognizes the stick of patron sponsors most of Jesus Christ, the son of the living God to forever to take care of his people and went around the teaching feed ,


Has entrusted the souls of his flock, and from your hands upon her blood: "then take his stick and the cross on the altar and the outside structure submitted his incense, grabbed the spoon and put an idol in the Parliament, and here did not help but thousands of Copts feel, they clamored to clapping and cheering with joy and homage to their doors of Anba shenouda Coptic melody then queue the Deacons:" aksios (receivable) "three times.
The coronation of pope Shenouda upon the chair of saint Mark:   

Pope went to the Chair and and started to call the colonel "we coronate pope Shenouda, the head of  Archbishops  on a chair-stool  evangelist saint mark.

 In the name of the father and the son and the Holy Spirit, and the reciter and all the people answered him:" Amen "and then ascended his Holiness the second class was the locum tenens, says:" pope Shenouda  sat  upon the  head of shepherds  by the Lord of Anba shenouda Patriarch on Saint Mark's Chair " ,


And also people answered him: "Amen", and the third class took a Pope to mark the Prophet said "locum tenens, always abounding of Anba shenouda Pope and Patriarch of the Holy See, Chair of St. mark the Evangelist" in this commendable queue deacons "aksios melody (receivable)" three times. Here, too, was thousands their feelings, they clamored with joyful applause, Pope shenouda III, sitting on a Chair of St. mark the Apostle in the image opposite Pope shenouda sits on the Chair of St. mark the Apostle and St. Bishop and samael sitting guests from churches who are servants to participate in the coronation ceremony and read one of the priests of St. Paul's letter .


The Apostle to the Hebrews (Hebrews 4: 14-16: 5): "Forasmuch then as our great high priest passed heaven Father God let us adhere to recognized. Etc "and column three Holies deacons and priests pray one of O'Shea Gospel and queue a Deacons then Psalm (Psalm 72: 17, 18, 21) and then read his Holiness Pope shenouda Coptic and Arabic  melodie Gospel (John 10: 1-16), it was noted that the Pope as to the words:" I am the good Shepherd, "was his Holiness adds the words:" Lord Jesus Christ "and deacons chanting after each melody "Aksios (receivable)" three times. Then cue the Deacons then tune Melody Joy of the Holy Spirit.         
At this moment the representative of the Emperor of Ethiopia, presented to his Holiness scarf Solomon to his biggest of the Emperor and the Pope read out the message of the Emperor of Ethiopia and the message reads as follows: to honor your heartfelt greetings and hope to keep your blessings are always with us, and it is a great pleasure to convey to your Holiness's warm wishes on this occasion to the Chair Furthermore Mar mark prophet after have been elected Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church, 117. 


We are pleased to take this opportunity and offer to honor your Ribbon of Solomon caper with Place asvaosn born Servo Advisor Department of the Ethiopian relics which we delegated him personal representative to participate in the inauguration ceremony of Holiness. The strong desire to continue long-standing relations existing between our churches sisters power in the era of Holiness.

We express our sincere good wishes to your Holiness to long life and good health, and we pray to God to bless your efforts of church growth and success, and overflowing blessings of Holiness led the Coptic Orthodox.

 Haile Selassie I, the word Patriarch Ignatius Jacob the Patriarch of Antioch in the name of the father and the son and the Holy Spirit one God Amen his Holiness Pope shenouda, metropolitans and sovereignty, neither servants of the Lord.


It's worth singing and learning, praising Hamad Abu Marwan, who gave to the Church in these terrible moments of unique holy spirit without measure, as revealed on a swab of the century chosen by the embryo, and the feature associated with different talents, different graces given him, as the words of Paul: "for Mar. .. The provisions came from the machine perception, methods.

The survey "praise this wonderful moment of alia good talents and blessings of heaven great squid of Anba shenouda working world. 


But gaah city vulnerable, and a column of iron and copper walls, on Earth, as they make the Prophet Jeremiah, it did not undermine the ARCON this world, and Anba shenouda is defined, deviate from all strange, sacrifice, and love of the Church articulated and home theme, and strengthen God its jacket, the same from the earliest age and what motivates him to attend wire hermits and people who the wild scent virtues , When CNN and satisfy his understanding of science not trialed metal, and it retrace footsteps of St. Anthony Abbey monks, playing on the lower flowers, and throw up the dusty feet, and went out into the wilderness. The Syrian monastery, docking and essential virtues of chastity, obedience and poverty are optional, and navigating.

Science of allegiance (the Church), and a good rest, and re-formed morality and science educational collar necklaces divine this day Sandino to Ms. Apostolic Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the see.


Thus reflected the strength of the ALA, the terrible hostility, of darkness and their respective sovereigns. Has the message Great Lord, and honorable, a factor in the maintenance of the old faith, jewel and strengthening spiritual values and ideals. 


On the other hand with a serious Division of the Agency directs believers in the right approaches and guide misguided people if their souls were , and again by, as obtained from talents as befits good agents for the blessing of machine, as the Apostle St. Peter said: "truly I download this app to be co-pilots wise lead ship of the Church in the midst of this world today, to the ultimate goal, and intercede in the Division of the divine as the Prophet Moses , And a stubborn rock orthodoxy even to believers, trusting, and leaders in the service of the nation and society, working with the country's leaders loyal, in exile, President Anwar Sadat, Galilee, providing for his people and for his country for a better life.

See our Chair is pleased to assume the Holy See of Antioch Alexandria sister such inimitable personality. The two seats are the heart and soul, and how Exchange across the mountains as Patriarchs of this close Union deposit. You may tell us the history of Mar Jacob El-Baradei's draw Metropolitan the Alexandrian Pope Theodosius in Constantinople in 543.


And while Jacob wanted to draw bishops llaybroshiat vacancies contact, and attend two Syrians to Egypt with a book of Pope Theodosius to the Bishops of Egypt to participate in the rsamthma two bishops also told his pupil St John alavessi of Syrian.  In the year 550 m draw Mar Jacob pupil Pope Theodosius Patriarch of Antioch as Paul two, the Egyptians, while the Alexandrian Pope damianus Syrian general.

At a time when the Alexandrian Pope damianus Syriac genera.

In the year 649 CE assumed the Patriarchate was an Egyptian. In the year 689 m draw Alexandrian Pope Chair Simon (Syrian). In 996 Pope drawing the conclusion or Avram, known as Ibn Zarah, and is the fast of Jonah, Nineveh Church of Egypt, and it was fast and effective, which remains a memento of Marvel moving mount Al-mokattam.


Pope Mark III in the year 1166 also like these, Syrian, and race history. The Syrianc Church rejoices in this venerable and sincere congratulation to her sister Alexandria Coptic Church. Church., on the occasion of the inauguration of President Al-his Holiness Pope shenouda III.  As the Pope and wished him a long life, and helped a lot in the care of the Church of God which he acquired by his blood, to the letter, which carried on this day of ALA. And the glory of God the father and the son and the Holy Spirit, and grace you all included.

A Monsignor Abba Athanasius Bishop of Beni suef and Secretary of the Holy Synod:

We were here to listen to the Holy Father, Pope shenouda III, the world teacher, writer, poet, speaker for crowds. But the Pope, and had the same painful feelings of love, and overflowed in this terrible day, ordered me to the floor.  Mr. Pope.  .. The book says. Separation of the holy Gospel, chosen by divine grace to teach: "that enters the door is Shepherd of the sheep".

Thank the Lord, Sir, of the depth of the heart, it opens you the door by people in his own electorate, I went on an overwhelming majority, people love you and they choose you sponsor and leader, and entered dad makarem door Deathly Hallows divine, Holy, she chose you lots and answered the prayers of the people, and noted by the Almighty to you, put you near this message, it opens the door for you..


Today is your installation by divine grace, President of the church fathers, we have every confidence that the sky will support you strongly, to lead us as the greatest President parents. Khalifa blessed to Saint Mark the Evangelist, founder of the Church, and the Pope 117 Patriarchs of Saints scientists. 


And after this call the metropolitans and bishops congratulate Pope receive him and congratulating him. And then provides VIP To congratulate him. The delegate of the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister and the representative of Sheikh Al-Azhar mosque, which show his Holiness Pope shenouda III and kiss and the Coptic people applause mounted here.


After congratulating the Government provides church leaders and the delegations that had participated in celebrate to congratulate him and then continued to the Coptic and the people in congratulating Pope shenouda III. After accepting congratulations to his Excellency the Holy Temple for prayer begins with parents, the metropolitans and Bishops also participated with the delegations of many churches:


his beatitude Patriarch of Antioch Ignatius Jacob with his priests arrived in the Coptic liturgy in Syrian as the glee news Theophilus Patriarch of Ethiopia with his archbishops and priests arrived in Amharic.


He participated in the prayers of his glee first Armenian valleys with his archbishops and priests arrived in the Armenian language and the beginning and end of the prayers of the liturgy began the prayers of Pope shenouda III at the beginning of the glorious work in the history of the pastoral leadership of the Coptic people.