Pope Shenouda, the bishop of education

Pope Shenouda III, Bishop of Education

In 30/6/1962 Pope kyrillos vll sent to call the monk Antony, so he went to him with empty mind , don’t know the reason of his calling , pope kyrillos  tried to ordination of the monk Antony as a bishop ,


but he was saying to him “ I’m not worthy of this service but when this thing was repeated  , pope kyrillos  consulted with the bishop of The Syrian monastery and he said to him “ let’s this thing “ and when he went to the monastery , and rode a Jeep intended The hermit monk Antony who stayed in a cell far from his monastery and said to the monk Antony “ pope Kyrillos want you in law problem “ the laws of the church and there is no one except you to solve it “ so ,


the monk Antony said to him “ I don’t know even very little in this laws of the church “ then he said “ pope said , there is no one except you to solve it “ then the monk Antony said to him “ ok , but I will go with this slipper and this garment “ then bishop of saurian monastery answered him “ we will give you clothes and then they took shoes of one of the monks and a garment from clothes of monks and hat so, the monk Antony wore them and went to pope Kyrillos  ,


it was a habit for the monk  Antony stood up ,pope Kyrillos pulled out of his pocket  the cross  and said “ we ordained you , Antony ,fell on his hands . and said “ I’m not worthy , my father “ then the pope said to him “ we will complete the ordination tomorrow “ and this was a surprise of his ordination as a bishop of College Seminary and religious institutes in the named after pope shenoud And couldn't say anything,  Although monk Antony to sand longing and loneliness.


The following day the Pope was coming down from the ladder and saw monk shenouda coming down a bit, standing side by side and said “send to his brother Samuel to stand upon his brother “, so they called bishop Samuel, who stood beside bishop shenouda to be ordinate as a bishop of public services, but his love of monasticism and unity continued to run high in the chest  until after his ordination as a bishop for the Seminary college in Cairo  ,


so he was preaching people and teaching in the seminary college in the half of the week , and he spent the other half of it in the monastery ,the bishop Shenouda started to attract the whole world to the faith with Jesus Christ , so he and full the world with his learning , instead of his service which was restricted about the Sunday school in the beginning of his service was marked with sermons of youth and family when he became a bishop


“ the one who has ears to hear , let him hear “ then the Coptic people started to live the education era , got up from their stumble and the land filled with the spilt of thirsty water of life and organized thousands of Coptic families in preach them ,  and learned them the way of life with Jesus the lord ,it’s worthy that   he answered upon their questions ,


although he was very busy with loads of patriarch , pope Shenouda continued in preaching in the meeting of Coptic people every week in public lecture ,and drank from headwaters of spiritual , and answered their questions and their inquiries  which sent them to him , and never apologize about this encounter only if force majeure, the number of Christians who attend this spiritual meeting between 6-10 thousand people learn things about  their holy bible and the rituals of the church and the Christian attitude and his sermons were recorded On cassette tapes ,


and the others on video tapes then recorded on c.ds , and the numbers of sermons were increased to 1500 sermons and tried to took the magazine of Sunday school to became the Tongue of his service but the people who responsible about the magazine in this time refused that , so that he issued the magazine of the  Evangelism(keraza)  and wrote in it and engaged with him the famous spirit writers and  as allocated a part for theological articles in it  , and also he was  answered  questions from readers.                                                                                                                                                                  


Talent of the bishop shenouda in the writing  :


The talent of the writing helped him in newspapers and magazines, and he became a member in The journalists ' Union , and The journalists ' Union called him in 26/6/1965 to give lecture about the Christian and the Zionism , as for the books , he wrote more than 85 book with different topics for example : Spiritual – theological – Faith -  liturgical ,


and other special for servants and service , and he put his answers upon the questions of people in books which read by people, The benefit over time despite the difficult topics of some books that dealt with easily and simply make everyone accept the purchased and sold at cost, resulting in a force quickly and printed many successive editions ,


and his books were translated to foreign languages for example : French – English – German – Italian – Polish- Dutch and others from the other languages of world , and it was noticed that in the writings of pope Shenouda and his sermons was tied the public life topic which wrote in it and discussed it with different verses from the holy bible with the old and new testament ,


and his strong memory and his wits Ripper helped him to keep the verses and their numbered  when he discussed one of the heads of the Jehovah's witnesses and Protestant  about the faith  , they were talking with numbers of verses and numbers of Chapters ,and they don’t list the verses texts and this education was Incentive for the Coptic people who was studying the holy books ,


and he graduated generations know about the Christian doctrine , and  also looked for other books ,  and they were very deep in other religions which  performed to a spiritual developed transferred church from middle ages to modern ages and there are famous expressions which said by eng Azt Zaki in his writing about pope Shenouda and we will add other expression and these are :

Secretariat is a prerequisite for the service.

 Human recalcitrant losing the purity of his heart.

 Human depositaries easily deal with each one.

 The man who knows the powerful prayer never known defeat.. Trust that succeeded in your struggle with God you will not estimated any power on earth.

 Wondrous that religious ashamed of incriminating while the sinners  be them courage and boldness in their mistakes in their criticism of spiritual work.

 Not true to sacrifice in your relationship with Christ for anything or any person


Satan numbs the man so forget everything except sin.

 Turn to prayer for you without it will not rid.

 Server should be a spiritual speech is the word of the Lord and in order to take the word of the Lord he must be fixed in the life of the Lord.

The spiritual Server retains spiritual childhood and refuses to wean itself from breast education.

The spiritual Server is a model and blessing and his entire life is service.

If you entered a house, the word of God would enter with you .

the spiritual Server always has a Crushing feeling of the lack of maturity.

 Try to reach to the heart of one who took to him before it reaches to his mind and trust that if you won the heart earned mind too.

* Some may rest easy for the service, which does not fatigue nor.

difficult, but the strength of the service appear in difficulty and the probability of this difficulty with all joy.

 Not your business to take off weeds but grow Common buckwheat

 Do not give up no matter how powerful Satan wars, tell yourself all these just wars and I will fix in the Lord Jesus.

 Not the success of the service in the large number of employers, but in the service who changed their lives and brought them boiling of the Lord Jesus.

 Cared for spirit and internal growth and concealed the appeared virtues

the First Church was marked with one thought because it was a humble Church which  subject of thought leaders.

 Do not despair however fell however forgot the commandment but say to yourself, I will walk toward the Lord Jesus, although I pay my feet on it.

Some people think that the ideals of Christian principles can implement?  The server provides spiritual ideals implemented practically in his life.

 respect the opinion of person who talk to him whatever you against him.

 Service problems: providing personal concepts and not the teachings of the Church.

 Service is the first teacher before the lesson, a life passed from one person to another or to others.

 , Who himself is the one who loves walking in the narrow road for the Lord and carried the cross every day.


The righteous Man Craved death such as Craved life.

 Consecration is the growth of love until the whole heart to the Lord God, and the whole time Lord in speaking to him and his service.

 The sons of the lord have to be strong in their steadfast principles, don’t hastate in front of evil power .

St. Peter's word in the Pentecost bearing strength, bearing spirit, and carry also to the people who hear it the implementation capacity.

 Resistance is the rejection of sin in all its forms and refused to compromise on perfection.

 In order to retain with your humble keep constantly being a student, but I felt you became a teacher and became up apprenticeships know well that you started to fall in pride.

 Oh brother.. When I look at yourself I see you, look at you I see myself  the like see in a mirror and feels like two in one? !! This is national unity.

 People have the right to choose a sponsor.

 God exists.

 should address the reasons before the results.

 Wealth, which is not necessarily the good of it when evil.

 We are not fighting people, but we are fighting in thought.

 the thought is replied by thought.

If you have made to myself, I live by the principle which is that my problems outside of myself and not inside myself.

 Spiritual man is the one who leads his body and spirit of the Lord leads his soul.

who always walks in the path of truth do not resent all of the right word to be said time to write, but encouraged.

 All Goliath him David awaited and win it in the name of the Lord of soldiers .

 Error: depends on himself and depends on the people and depends on the devil.

 I wondrous to the one who put his dignity upon his eternity and lose his eternity for his dignity.