Father Mikhael

Father monk hegomen reposed Mikhael Elsouriany

Birth Name: Samoel Atalla Harmenaabouna mechael

Date of Birth: April 4, 1926

Date of Monasticism: November 2, 1948.

Date of Priesthood: January 2, 1949. Then hegoman on January 2, 1950.
Service inside monastery: he served at the kitchen, inside church, garden, monastery head quarter at Atries. Chosen as an ideal monk because of his meekness and humbleness, simplicity and staying at his cell must of the time. He also memorizes the monk’s sayings book (Bostan El Rohban). Anba Metaos and the monks celebrated his monasticism golden jubilee on 1998; Pope Shenoda III attended the celebration with a large number of bishops, and abbots.

At half past five in the evening on Friday, 22/8/2014 AD departed the monkand archpriest Fr. Mikhail from Al-Sourian monastery. He was one of the elders of the holy wilderness Shehit at the age of 88 years where he spent 65 years in monastic life – He was an ideal monk a perfect monk comforting all those who deal with him filled with the fruits of the Holy Spirit encouraging the spiritual battle.

At eight in the evening of the same day, attended Bishop Epiphanius, Bishop and Abbott of the monastery of St. Makarios where he heldthe funeral prayer. Some of the fathers monks from the wilderness Shehit and monks of the monastery council participated with him during the prayer - May God depart his pure spirit in the paradise of bliss and who helped him, can help us so that we could have a share and inheritance with the angels and the saints.