Spiritual Retreat Location

Location of the Spiritual Retreat

It is advisable for the spiritual session to be in a known and specific location such as sitting alone in your living room or any other calm place so you can better concentrate.

And for any reason, If you cannot find a place at home, you may choose a Church or any other quiet location just as the Lord Himself used to go to “to a solitary place; and there He prayed.” (Mark1:35)

Origen the scholar discussed this matter by saying: “As for the location, every place may be suitable to for the prayer… ‘In every place, incense is raised for Me’. I would like for everyone to pray in every place. If someone would like to pray with no interruption, they should to pick a specific location at his/her house if possible and makes it a Holy place and there worship and prayers are to be offered.

As for Theophan the Recluse, he stressed on the fact that the location should be in a secluded location as to not give the human senses any comfort and be released at least from the outward distractions.But if one can be released from it, there is no need to depart your own location”

So in regard to the location of the spiritual session, it is recommended that you go to a calm and a secluded area.

It is also recommended for this location to be one that you are consistent with, so that you can protect yourself from wasting your spiritual session’s time and any unsteadiness.  This will help you to be consistent in your spiritual sessions.