For Beginners

First: For Beginners

1-    God‘s position in your life: 

a.    Do you trust that God is your father and you are His son? Or do you still doubt?

b.    Do you trust that God accepts you and forgives your sins because He died for your salvation? Or do you doubt that?

c.    Do you build your trust upon God’s true promises? Or upon your unstable moods and feelings?

2-    Spiritual Quiet Times/ Sessions:

a.    Do you keep your reading of the Word of God and listening to His voice through the Holy Bible on a daily basis? Or, do ignore this due to your laziness or lack of desire or other responsibilities?

b.    Do you keep your conversation with God and do you remain in His presence through your prayers? Or do you fail to do that as well?

c.    Do you put God in your life throughout each day and in all your circumstances?

d.    Do you keep on memorizing a new verse on a weekly basis? Or do you fail to do so?