Ezbawia Miracles

Ezbawia Miracles

  1. One of the fathers in charge of the Ezbawia retells a miracle that occurred in the forties during the twentieth century:“This miracle happened to a Greek lady, she came to the father in charge at Ezbawia and was crying fervently for 12 consecutive days.  She would stand in front of St. Mary’s icon ancient icon for half and our and she would continue to cry. She would then give the father in charge 20 piasters to place in the donations box and she would sing the glorification for the Virgin Mary. This father was concerned with this lady’s deep sorrow and he asked her for the reason. She replied that her son is in the British army and had been sent to Lebanon.  Her son was always accustomed to sending her letters, but in his last letter he stated that he was very ill.  Since then, his mother had not received any letters from him and she was worried that he may have died.  She informed the father that she wanted El-Ezbawia to return him safely to her. 

On the 13th day, as usual the father in charge opened the Ezbawia door in the morning and this lady was among the first standing, and she shouted with joy – asking the father to sing a glorification for St. Mary.  When the father asked her what had happened, she informed him that she received a letter from her son! 

The Son wrote the following to his mother, “Although I was bed ridden with illness, the lady whom you sent to me with the medicine, was the one who was responsible for my healing.  This lady told me that you, mother sent her to me, and after I took the medicine that she gave me, I was healed.  When I asked her about her name, she said, ‘My name is Ezbawia…’  This is the first time that I have heard of this name, and I have never seen this lady before.”

Clearly, our Lady the Virgin Mary responded to the tears of and the prayers of this lady.  She visited her son in Lebanon and she healed him.  May the blessings of her intercessions be with us all, amen.”

 One of the people who love the Ezbawia very much, said: “MY neighbour’s daughter had suffered from a damaged retina and cirrhosis in the optic nerve of her eye. Her father had no money to treat his only daughter; hence, he sent a letter to the President and asked him to save his daughter and to treat her. His request was answered, and a special recommendation letter was sent to Qasr El Eini Hospital to provide treatment for this girl, and in case treatment wasn’t available within the hospital, the girl was permitted to travel abroad to get her treatment on the governments account.

When the hospital’s senior consultants examined the girl, they all concluded that her case was a hopeless one – treatment was impossible even if she travelled abroad. The man was shocked to hear this news; he started praying deeply to our Lord Jesus so that He may heal his daughter. He then went into a deep sleep and our Lord Jesus appeared to him.  In the dream our Lord instructed the man to go to Ezbawia and take some of the oil from the oil lantern that burns in front of St. Mary’s icon, and to anoint his daughter’s eyes with it for three consecutive days.

Indeed, the man went to Ezbawiaand took some of the oil, and although his house was far from Ezbawia,he preferred to return home walking fearing that he would lose the oil. On the way, he met some monks who congratulated him and left. When he reached his house, he anointed his daughter’s eyes with the holy oil for three consecutive days, just as our Lord had instructed him. On the third day he went to work, and upon his return home he heard the voices of joy coming from his house, and when he questioned asked was happening, his wife replied, ‘Our daughter was standing at the window and she suddenly screamed, ‘Mom, I can see dad coming!’ At first I didn’t believe her, and I asked her if she could really see you, and she replied ‘yes’!  I then asked her to describe what you were wearing, and she did!”  May the blessings of the intercessions of our Lady the Virgin Mary be with us all, amen.”  Ezbawiyah Miracles