The Apparition of the virgin for Saint Yehnes Kama

The apparition of the virgin for Saint Yehnes Kama

The Virgin Mary appeared to him many times.

On Sunday while he was praying …he saw saint Mary with a great glory which could not describe , and the angels surrounded her …she promised him ( I will be with you  and confirming my promised to you …the blessing of my son come to my church in your monastery …and if your sons went in your way ,kept your recommendations , loved each other and kept the purification then I will stay with them forever …then she gave him three golden dinars …he passed away 859 A.D and his sons took his body with them to the virgin monastery after the destruction of monastery bishop Yehnis age 14.
The revelation of the virgin to bishop Rowise

That saint who was living in days of the pope third Mataous…and known with God seer …

He had a great connection with the virgin Mary, he passed away in the memorial of the virgin on 21 Babah .

The virgin came to him when he died and took his soul as per his request…

The virgin appeared in a shape of a luminous woman as a the sun to a man was living near to the bishop Rowaise home, to tell the father of El Khandak to come and bury the saint cadaver in her country at the monastery El Khandak( monastery of  bishop Rowaise ).