The statue of the virgin bleeding in South Korea

The statue of the virgin bleeding in South Korea

This event happened in a small city called Nago where the virgin appeared to a lady called Julia Kim. The statue of the virgin in her home was crying and bleeding, it became to spray oil with a nice smell.

That lady was suffering from pain and appeared on her body the same wounds like that of Mirna.

The virgin gave her an important message, the conclusion of the message was :( awaking people from the spiritual acclimation and the self-beneficenceand concentrating on the practical life to teach people about the Bible. Also the message included that all people should live the life of prayers, mildness and love others .also the virgin asked to pray strongly for the religious men (the Pop and pastors). Also she repeated her warning firmly.

In another message from the virgin Julia said: (I am praying continually for my children whom failed with their desires and spread the corruption in the world). She also assured to back to the way of God saying: (I am asking you to do that because the punishment will come to the humanity. the son Jesus paid the price to save the sinners). Also the virgin cried because of the abortion saying: (my heart is splitting for the abortion). She said also that it is a crime.

There was a miracle happened: (the communion became a real flesh inside Julya ‘s mouth 12 once between May 1988 and October 1996) many people saw that event.

Julia Kim said: (I saw the Christ bleeding and suffering on the cross and the blood was a lot for the salvation of the humanity). This happened before when the statue cried in 1985and then the lady felt pain in the same partsof the Christ‘s wounds.