The revolution of the virgin in a Coptic school in Jerusalem 1954 A D

The revolution of the virgin in a Coptic school in Jerusalem 1954 A D

At 11:00 AM, Monday, 21st of June 1954 A.D. at the classes of the girls which situate above the altar of father Antonious church, from the east and in the same time surfaces the yard the monastery – the lady virgin the saint Mary appeared in a light shape very luminous so the students of the fifth class could see the light. In the same moment of the revolution the girls shouted out and all who were in the monastery hurried towards the girls because they thought that something happened there. When the girls came down to the yard of the monastery, some of them saw the virgin from the back window of the church, the saw her standing and a marvel light around her who full the church, there were other saints with her. Then she appeared while she was bowing and praying.

On Monday June, 1954 during worshiping the virgin Mary and after the prayers of the divine mass, the virgin Mary appeared suddenly for the second time in the new room of the boss which surface Mr. Ishak house and she stayed for two hours and half, from 4:30 PM till 7:00 PM. that time all habitants from all kinds and religions had saw the mother of the light and told about her revolution in a different luminous shapes. They said that they saw her catching a white scarf and she was smiling and sometimes she stretch out her hands to bless people there. Many reporters from different magazines and international and local broadcasting stations Saint Antonious monastery in Jerusalem became a shrine that thousands of people visit it to get the blessings.

On Monday, 5th of July 1954 during worshipping the virgin Mary and after the prayers of the divine mass at 1:30 PM the saint virgin Mary appeared in the same place and the same time of the last revolution which happened on 28th of June, but that time the angels were around her … the revolution persisted for 7 hour which meant till 8:00 PM. That time many people saw her from different kinds and religions and they worshipped God through hymns and doxologies.

Many miracles of healing accompanied the revolution. The ambassadors and representatives of international information agencies, many of them took pictures of the virgin the mother of the Christ while she was blessing the people.

Father Yakoubes the archbishop of the chair of Jerusalem