The apparition of the Virgin Mary to nun Kathrin in Paris 19th of July 1830 A.D

The Apparition of the Virgin Mary to Mother Katherine in Paris, 19th of July 1830 A.D.

Mother Katherine was born in Laborieh, Paris (France) on the 2nd of May 1806 A.D.  She dedicated her life to God.  Ever since she was young, her mother taught her how to pray and how to intercede with the Virgin Mary.  After she advanced in years, she decided to dedicate her life to God.  She became a nun in Shaiton city 1930 A.D.

On the 19th of July 1830 before midnight, Mother Katherine heard someone calling her name.  A child appeared to her and he seemed to be around 4 years old. He was wearing a beautiful white robe, and he said to her, ‘The Virgin Mary is waiting for you inside the church.”  The young boy then took her by the hands and he led her to the Virgin Mary.  She described her as looking beautiful and she sat and spoke to her for about two hours.

 Also on the eve of the 27th of November 1830 A.D., the Virgin Mary appeared to Mother Katherine, and she was standing over the globe.  Below her foot was a serpent that she was stepping on.  There was a bright light around her.  Mother Katherine also saw a circular portrait surrounding the Virgin Mary, and an inscription was written on it in gold.  The inscription stated: “We ask you to intercede on our behalf.” Also appearing was the letter M, and a heart that was pierced with thorns, as well as another heart that was pierced with a spear.  The Virgin Mary said to Mother Katherine, “Keep this picture, and those two hearts are enough to explain everything.” After this apparition, the archbishop of Paris Dikilan confirmed everything that took place and he painted the portrait according to what Mother Katherine had seen in the apparition.  Many miracles were performed through this picture, and he asked all who hold this picture to say, “O St. Mary, we ask you to intercede on our behalf.”