The Apparition of the virgin in Fatima village in EL Portugal 13th of May 1917 A.D

The apparition of the virgin in Fatima village in EL Portugal 13th of May 1917 A.D

Fatima is a small village near Lashbona city in Portugal.

They were three grazing goats of their father ( Jashinta, Fransua her brother and Lucy her cousin) she had 10 years old, they were pure and used to pry and worshipping God … they saw above the Sendian tree a shiny girl and her luminous exceeded the light of the sun, and a white dress cover her feet ..And she was raising her hands praying...Her beauty was shining inside the crown of light and she was sad.

XShe told them that she will appear to them in the same day every month for six months. The visitors increased every once till reached 18.000 person during the third revelation on the 13th of July 1917.

X concerning the third revolution 13th of October 1917, since the 12th of October 1917 in the evening, the streets in Fatima were crowded with people. The audiences that day were around 600.000 person from different countries around the world… the virgin Mary appeared above the green Sendian tree with her white dress as usual. She said to people that we have to turn to God in repentance from about thins and not to make God our Lord sad and we have to persist in worshipping God. Also she asked to establish a church there under her name. She told the people that if the humanity changed their life, the war will end shortly.

The sun that day was sending a huge light in all directions once in yellow color and the others in red, blue or violet.

They also see the Christ in his second year, the virgin in her white dress, saint Youssef and the Lord Jesus like youth blessing the audience … some of them cried that they believed in Jesus … others called out: the peace for you Mary who are full of grace. Many qudiancesaid: need your mercy Lord.

Xsince that time and in the same day the portages

people was gathering in Fatima village, the candles in their hands and their prayers rising repeating the peace for you Mary.

X they made a two statue for the Virgin in the same figure that she appeared to them. They put one of them in the same place where she appeared and the other they roamed with it around the world where it found a great welcoming in all countries, finally they put it in the keldanian church in Masr El Gedida(St. Fatima church).