The Apparition of the virgin in Assiout 2000 A D

The apparition of the virgin in Assiout 2000 A D

Assiout is characterized by the old religious important places in the Christian history; the importance of that city belongs to the visit of the Virgin Mary with her son to this city, so it is not the first time the virgin visits this city and their Coptic people who believe in her son whom is the real light who came to the world and the virgin is the mother of the light.

The beginning of the revelation of the virgin on the 17th of August 2000, when a Muslim lady was walking and she saw the virgin standing above the roof of the church.Walking between two light stands .the Muslim lady thought that she was a normal lady trying to kill herself ..Or taking the cross off which was fixed above the light stand-in harried to tell the responsible man immediately.That was the joy for Assiout then for all Egypt through that revelation which did not happen like that continually before at any country of the world.

On Thursday the 17th of August 2000 A.D. and the 11th of Masry 1716 SH, the revelation of the virgin began above the domes of the Orthodox Coptic churches in Assiout . This church called the Carouz of the Egyptian homes the messenger Mari Markous which situated in the area of the old churches in west Assiout .

This is the picture which had been taken by Dr. Helmy Beshar camera on 16th of September 2000 A.D. at 5:00 AM

   But of course, there is a big difference between the real and the picture.

Watany newspaper issue no.2026 published this picture on Sunday 22/10/2000 A.D. which is 12 Babah 1717 SH.

The newspaper referred that the revelation of the virgin was accompanied with lots of marvel phenomenology such as white lights as snow above the domes and between light stands, lots of incense with good smell and spiritual shapes like pigeons flying very speed.

The statement of the church :       

A statement had issued from the fathers the pastors of Assiout about the revelation of the virgin at El Markousia church and published in El Keraza magazine in 10/10/2000 A.D. the 30th Tout 1717 SH- the issue no.35-36, this statement assure thousands of the revelation of the virgin between the two light stands and the domes of the messenger Markous church which had been opened on 31/10/1999 A.D. after it had been established with the archbishopric house. We should mention that the habitants whom living besides the church started seeing strange phenomenology in the sky at night but they did not care except when it repeated times. The Christians called this phenomenology; the spiritual phenomenology; they saw flights of white big pigeons flying at night and the virgin appeared in a light shape in different times starting from night 17th of August ,and they were watching these phenomenology with concern and they ascended the roofs of the houses and the news about these marvel phenomenology had been spread and the habitants from narrow streets came to see these phenomenology ..

Many of the visitors asked about the times of the revelation of the virgin but these revelations and the spiritual appearance do not belong to the humanity desires or to the times; may be some people go to see these revelations but do not see anything although others see the virgin suddenly while passing by the place. Who knows the divine desire!

This is the conclusion of the statement and not the text.

The ministers' council is:

1-pastore Youssef Kmel

2-pastore Tadrous Akladious

3-pastore Abanoub Soliman

4-Pastore Mina Hanna (the secretary of the bishopric)

Assiout bishopric issued a video tape which covered a part from the revelation of the virgin and the spiritual phenomenon which accompanied these revelations during the period between 22/8 to 4/9 when the virgin had been seen in a phosphoric spectrum between the domes of San Mari Markous church in Assiout . The luminous revelations persisted clearly that people came and crowded around the area of the churches in the west of the country and passed the night praying and worshipping the virgin till the daybreak till the day 9/9. the revelations persisted for two continued hours ;from 3:30AM TO 5:30 AM, till the revelation of the luminous blocks as it shown in the profile and her spilled on the domes and the castle of the church and her flying among the light stands in a marvel picture.

This is the revelation of the virgin above the domes of the messenger san Markous church:

1-in a clear luminous shape because she is the mother of the light who came to the world

2-like a queen as the psalm says “on your right is the queen in gold of Ophir" (ps 45:9)

3-marvel spiritual appearance accompanied with luminous pigeon

4-the revelation accompanied with clouds

Assiout city had received million visitors from around the world and from all Egypt during few weeks after the news of the revelation had been spread and the people gathered above the roofs of homes and in narrow streets and all streets around the church .the celebration expanded from the celebrations of the church with the virgin till the feast of the martyrs which known with El Nirouz feast then the feast of the cross. The wetness of this phenomenon said the followings:

The spiritual phenomenon characterized with a heavenly luminous light circled the crosses of the church even those above the light stands or the crosses above the doors of Marimarkous church. The light rises from the earth for few meters and starting circling the crosses with a strange and marvel luminous then the light reach to the stands and the frames of the doors as same as the entrance which make a luminous circles which became stretch little by little till fill the whole place .. The celebrations and the gathering around the church persisted till the feast of the martyr Abader and his sister Irine (there is a church under her name in Assiout ). They held a celebration to celebrate the feast on Saturday 7/10 in the evening.

The concern of the international and local communications media if the revelation of the virgin in Assiout:

1-report of CNN net under the title of 'thousands of people travelled to upper Egypt the few weeks ago after the announcements about the revelation of the virgin and the flights of pigeons circled by luminous lights .

Press here to see the English report from Assiout which contains scenes from the luminous revelations:

2-the inquest of CNN net under the title "the virgin Mary appear in Egypt for the writer Caroline Hawni" on the 6th of September when a woman announced that she saw the virgin Mary opening her hands and the light come from them. And the revelation accompanied with the incense and a huge number of pigeons. And they mentioned that the revelation made people happy.

3-on the 10th of September ,the Asoushitdres agency announced under the title of " international informative groups visiting Assiout in order to record the revelation of the virgin at the messenger Markous church ,also mentioned that Pop Shedona following up with interest the reports of the revelation at the churches in Assiout".

4-on the 31st of August London radio said in the part of the international news (B.B.C Arabic News) under the title of : the news in Egypt " the virgin appeared in Assiout and the Orthodox Coptic church released a report concerning the revelation of the virgin above the domes of the messenger Markous church in Assiout and the habitants whom living close to the church observed strange phenomenon in different times such as flying white pigeons and a light which cover the whole area – pastor Mina Hanna declared " the virgin appeared many times two years ago at the virgin monastery in Assiout mountain but that once is the first time that she appeared in the city itself.

5-Watany newspaper published many pictures, and some of them those mentioned pictures which had been published on Su nday 29/10/2000 A.D. the 19th of Babah 1717 SH year 42 number 2027 where the heavenly light reached above the houses of Coptic people in west Assiout . this is like what happened in the past when God put its blood above the houses of Israel sons when they were in Egypt.

6-Last hour magazine published on Wednesday 4th of October 2000 number 3441 an inquest about the revelation and published some pictures and press-comments about that revelation.

This is a part from what the magazine published" which is strange that although the crowed …that more than million person gathered from different ages. But there was a big cooperation and love between people…and they were receiving the visitors with a special song:

Where are you going good man...I am going to see the mother of the Savior

Where are you going good man...I am going to see the mother of Christ

There was nothing occupying. the feelings of the people except the mother of the light and they were singing together ; she died since hundreds of years but God sent her vision that every time people see her vision they singing more strong with a big joy saying :

This is the virgin this is the virgin inside the dome

Then they are saying:

Appear appear with your shinny vision.

Which is funny that they were singing and applauding.With the same tune, feelings and cheers…as they were in a weeding like those of Upper Egypt…people felt belonging to their church.Singing:

Marimarkus church in Assiout

The virgin appeared there and people were happy

With prayers of our kind father Mikhaeal

The virgin appeared to us and this is not impossible

For more information about that inquest see the following site:

the these are the pictures of the spiritual luminous revelations above the domes of Mari Markous church in Assiout which had been published in Wtany on Sunday 5/11/2000 A.D. , THE 26 Babah 1717 year 42- number 2028